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White Gold Engagement Ring

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Probably the most fantastic ring you possibly will have for engagement is the ring with gold in white color.

This color of gold is the best type of wedding ring to purchase because it is cheaper yet it is as beautiful as platinum wedding rings.

Everything about white gold is pretty much related to a platinum engagement ring. A platinum engagement ring is one of the most exclusive and most sought after ring for couples who want to tie the bind.

You will be more convinced about why you be supposed to rather buy a white instead of platinum particularly if you are looking to have a nice ring on a cheap price.

One of the best qualities of a platinum wedding ring is its color. Just like platinum, white colored gold looks especially much comparable to a platinum jewelry.

Most people seek platinum rings as their wedding or engagement ring; though it is so expensive that most people might not afford its price. This is where gold in white color became popular.

The good thing about white painted gold as a jewelry is that people have realize it’s amazing quality and its comparison to platinum and gives people an option to buy a cheaper type of jewelry like platinum but can give you an familiarity that is similar to platinum.

In buying engagement rings white gold, purchaser must decide on what type of precious stone you would like to have and also take note of the amount of the ring. If you are not aware of the size of the ring you have to buy, there is no problem. You can minimally go to jewelry websites and there are organized table on a list of ring sizes both for men and women.


You must also think about the type of metal you wish for to have on your band there are many common types of gemstones that are the usual gemstone made for weddings. Some of the most accepted gemstones are diamond, gold and platinum. Most people’s number one alternative is platinum. The white gold ring comes in second or as a replacement to platinum but equally the same in particular in looks.

Different gemstones are rated based on four criterions.


White gold has to be as apparent as platinum. Most white gold jewelries may have blemishes that would make it less apparent. Be sure to take a look into the color of the white gold ring.


White gold should be clear adequate in the inside. Dirty or blemished gemstones may create a certain opaqueness exterior on your gemstone.


Carat is just equal to weight. A white gold engagement ring has more pecuniary value if it’s heavy.


The cut depicts shape and balance of a gold stone. Most buyers aren’t so keen regarding white type of stone a ring has. Ladies, most in particular, are attracted to the shape and propose of a ring. The balance of the stone’s shape should be just the thing enough to show an equal size on both sides of the engagement rings white gold.