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What is a promise ring

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This question must be in mind of many people what is a promise ring? Well, the answer is very simple. A promise is a sign of commitment. A promise ring is given to a person whom you love the most and want to spend the rest of life with that person. Traditionally, it is always a man who gives a promise ring to women and till date it is not been heard that any women have given a promise ring to a man. Though, every person thinks differently and has own opinion about this promise ring. Other than commitment, the promise ring signifies to be truthful all his life or a promise ring can also be given as a promise for changing the wrong attitude and living a life with good behavior What Is Promise Ring?. There are different meanings of giving such promise ring. It totally depends on the individual, what is a promise ring according to him?

What is promise ring?

promise-ringAlso, a promise ring is not specially designed it can be in the way you choose masonic ring. It is not necessary it has to be a diamond ring or a ring with the most precious stone. It solely depends on an individual, his choice, his style and nevertheless his budget. The cost of the ring or any gift never matters, what matters is the feelings one have for buying and presenting that gift. Also, a promise ring can be presented on any occasion especially it can be given before the occasion of engagement which signifies that the couple has decided mutually to get married in future. Later, this promise ring is replaced by the engagement ring thereafter by the marriage ring. Also, it is observed that this promise ring is not only exchanged between the couples but also it can be presented in any other relationship. Even a mother can give this promise ring to her child for any particular reason which she does not wants her child to ever do in life.

promise ring

promise-ring-3Also, it can be given for some reasons between friends for not doing anything wrong in life, or even to stop the bad habit of drinking or smoking if it is too extreme level and may risk a person’s life.

Though promises are hard to obey and fulfill the expectations, the promise ring is basically a sign of loving and showing the care towards the person. More than this, it symbolizes the trust of the giver to the recipient. A promise is difficult to fulfill throughout life however, there are some of them which believes there is nothing greater in this world than the relationship and promises. A promise ring has various meanings and reasons of giving it to other individual. However, it is accepted by the person only if he or she agrees to the promise and is ready to follow it till it is been decided. A commitment of words or relation can only be fulfilled in true relationships. This is exactly what a promise ring signifies, a purity of relationship and hearts.