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What Is a Cocktail Ring

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Once a popular accessory standoffish only for more formal occasions, cocktail rings are given their name for the cocktail parties at which they originally made their appearances. Originating during Prohibition, the ring speedily became a statement of style in the 1940’s and 1950’s. They are classically very large in size and comprise of either one oversized stone complimented by minor stones or several smaller stones made up into a design such as an animal or flower.

Made of precious, semi-precious or artificial stones, cocktail rings come in an array of shapes and colors all meant to attract awareness. Rings made of precious stones may be particularly expensive and hard to find today. Many antique cocktail rings feature involved metalworking and large center stones. Popular center stones integrated opals, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls and sapphires. These are extremely beautiful pieces, but they are typically priced above the typical consumer’s jewelry budget.

However there are thousands of rings made of semi-precious or artificial stones readily available. These semi-precious and costume jewelry versions range in prices from exclusive to very reasonably price. Some popular semi-precious stones include heliotrope, cubic zirconium, citrine, Smokey quartz and aquamarine. Attractive, affordable and durable artificial stones are also a practical substitute to spending a advance payment on a single fun accessory. Sterling silver or gold-plated nickel is also more reasonable than solid gold and platinum rings, particularly when the band is large.
Cocktail rings dress up a look by addition color and flicker while offering an occasion for a woman to accessorize according to her individuality or mood. Though these rings might appear in almost any design conceivable, a flower ring or animal ring design are among the most popular choices. A glittering green emerald dragon with amethyst eyes might suggest she is seeking adventure, while a bubbly diamond leopard with onyx spots would proclaim she is on the prowl. For a more feminine mood a flower ring with sparkling pink topaz petals nearby a yellow diamond center might be more fitting. Conceptual rings also make a statement. These cocktail rings feature sculptural shapes and eye-catching gemstone patterns.

Stepping away from the customary role of being worn only to cocktail parties, the cocktail ring has made a permanent impression on the method industry as an accessory that suits any collection. Whether she is departure out for a night on the town or shopping at the mall, a woman can immediately add a little glamour to her look purely by slipping a cocktail ring on her finger.