Silver Mood Ring | Mood RIngs Colors Meanings

Ways of Changing The Color Of A Mood Ring

silver mood ring

Many individuals purchase a ring just to show off style. They completely understand that the crystal of the ring changes color as the moods shift. While some colors can signify happiness, others might show that the person is anxious about something. Well, the color change occurs since the ring is made up of tiny liquid crystals that turn the color depending on the temperature. Since the person gets excited, the body temperature starts increasing and this changes the color accordingly.

  • Initially, you should place the ring on your palm and start rubbing an ice cube over it. After a few minutes, the ring starts appearing dark black. This is because the temperature has now changed drastically and this causes the crystals to react with each other. Whenever you observe a black color, then it means that you are angry, have gone through a stressful day or about to fall ill.
  • Soon after you place a ring in a glass of water, then the color would change to gray or yellow. This normally happens when the ambient temperature is quite less than the body temperature. While yellow signifies that you are bored or distracted, gray means that you are scared about something that’s going to occur in future.
  • Later, as the person starts wearing a silver mood ring, there’s always a chance that the color would shift to green. This effect can be perceived owing to the average body temperature. It simply means that you are calm and in a good state of mind.
  • In case you drop the ring in a bowl containing warm water, then the color would turn to bright blue. This actually means that you are eager to do something different or there are certain things that stir up the excitement within you.
  • Now, let’s take a look at what happens when the ring is placed on the heating pad for some time. As ring recognizes the highest temperature, the crystals would appear dark blue in color. This shows that you are in a romantic mood and wish to spend some time with one of your best friends.  Since the dark blue color shade is closer to violet, the person passionate about something and is highly excited.

Finally, you can complement your style by wearing a mood ring at any occasion. Rather than waiting for the rise or dip in the body temperature, you think about cooling or heating methods. As the ring recognizes the change, you would be able to observe the different color shades.

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