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mood ring color.

Every costume jewelry is not as durable as you might expect. You must take special care of such trinkets even when they are not used for a long time. But, when it comes to color changing rings, you ought to be sure that you have maintained them in good condition. So, if you’re wondering how it needs to be done, then you must stop by. Here are some tips that would aid you to take utmost care.

Whenever the jewelry is not in use, you should ensure that mood rings are kept dry. When exposed to water droplets, you may experience a different effect as it was originally. Liquids affect the color changing quality and your ring is sure to turn black. Depending on the reaction, the mood ring varies in its shade. Though you won’t observe anything different with an occasional splash, it’s always safe to keep such jewelry away from water.

When such trinkets are stashed inside your wardrobe, avoid keeping them near lotions, chemicals and perfumes.  Mood Rings ColorMoreover, you shouldn’t neglect removing them when you’re taking a deep dive in the swimming pool. Keeping them dry as much as possible should be on your mind. Always use a soft cloth to wipe off dust and dirt. It’s never recommended to use a damp cloth. Remember moisture too can affect the mood ring color.

When you’re taking a shower after that special occasion, remove the mood rings and keep them in dry location. If they come in contact with shampoo or beauty care products, then such viscous liquid can seep into the ring. This again impacts the color changing qualities. You may not experience the difference soon but later on the mood ring wouldn’t exude the color depending on your disposition. Eventually, the purpose of wearing the ring wouldn’t be met.

When you have a sliver ring studded with the stone, you shouldn’t think about dipping them in a cleaning agent. You would be able to restore the shiny look of silver, but the crystals are far likely to get damaged. Do keep in mind that a cleaning solution can damage the stone. Whenever required, mood crystals would not play the role as it was before.

If you would be attending an occasion that would stretch for several hours, then it’s always better to remove mood rings after sometime. The tight fit on your ring finger leads to perspiration which finally damages the stone. Moreover, you should understand that perspiration is nothing but water that’s definitely going to damage the ring. Alternatively, stainless steel mood rings can be your choice. For men, you can shift to a dark metallic shade and be amazed with the stunning effect.

When magnetic hematite color changing rings comes into the picture, you should avoid dropping the jewelry. This is because hematite is delicate and as fragile as glass. There’s always a chance of breaking the ring. Besides, you should keep yourself away from walls and hard surfaces. A gentle knock can damage the mood ring to a much greater extent.

Hope you know about the dos and don’ts. In case you have tried something different, then feel free to share it with us.