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Things You Need To Know About Sterling Silver Rings


Sterling Silver RingsSterling Silver Rings

From extravagant rings to elegant wedding bands, sterling silver rings look stunning and complement every kind of attire. Since the shiny metal is durable and soft, it can be molded into various designs. Owing to the incredible value and neutral nature, such jewelry pieces are perfect when men and women need to augment fashion accessories. So, here’s everything you are supposed to know about these sterling silver jewelry rings.


Sterling silver comprises 7.5 percent metal alloy along with 92.5 percent of pure silver. When jewelers are trying to be creative in designing such rings, copper is the most commonly used metal alloy. Even though such rings are decorated, the expert doesn’t have a tough time in molding the metal due to the presence of pure silver.


Popularly known for beauty and strength, sterling silver is much more durable than you had ever expected. While the addition of copper enhances the strength, the ring is marked with an engraving stating that the trinket is genuine. At some instances, you might see ‘925’ etched on the band. This denotes that the metal is sterling silver.


Once the ring is designed based on the preferences, it is either polished or coated with rhodium. The coating contributes towards the shiny appearance and makes the ring tarnish-resistant. Since rhodium hails from the platinum metal family, the beauty of the ring is enhanced due to the glossy finish.


When you’re shopping for silver rings, you may come across numerous options. While simple rings make the details look prominent, symbolic designs are gifted on special occasions and are suitable for everyday style. To add on to the visual appeal, the ring is studded with diamonds, pearls or natural gemstones. In case you wish to reap the astrological benefits, then it’s better to select a gemstone depending on the mythological history.


When it comes to storing the ring, it is always kept inside a pouch, a polythene bag or a jewelry box. Chemical like bleach, chlorine and ammonia can damage the ring to a considerable extent. So, when you are planning to swim inside the pool or cleaning utensils with a solution, you should remember to remove the jewelry piece. Besides, you can wash silver jewelry rings with mild dish cleaning soap and water. But, be sure that you have rinsed the ring thoroughly and have allowed it to dry naturally.


Wearing the ring for a long time span can actually affect its luster. So, when you have to polish the jewelry piece, you should always use a soft cloth and bleach-free or ammonia-free silver polish. Applying polish gently would help you retain the shine and make it look new like never before. Get in touch with a cleaning expert if you hardly have the time to take care of the ring.

Do let us know about the experience once you start wearing silver rings.