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the mood ring

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Mood Rings Colors meanings

Nowadays many people are wear rings and particularly finger. But in more antique times they had a greater importance. In these days disappeared by some earrings were believed to contain puzzling powers and so far others were rings of more significance that which one would be top secret in the public.

History of mood ring

In History the rings were the forerunners .The Greeks wore golden bands regularly with fixed stone or other forms of design on the other hand. The early Romans decreed the wearing by law. In earlier times iron jewelry were worn by each person whom were freeborn and top level people were allowable to wear gold rings under the early empire. Later on the freeborn populace wore gold jewelry , slaves that were flowing wore silver and all slaves wore iron rings.

In the Middle Ages bishops obtain a ring become a part of the observance of sanctification and Popes conventionally received the Fisherman’s ring. In the 16th century clothing of rings became popular, usually with a set of jewels.Signet rings are most worn out today.

Engagement rings have also been agreed since ancient times expect 15th century .It was the were made with diamonds. This is similar for wedding rings – the gold bands only came later in the 16th century. In America today married women be dressed in both their engagement and wedding band while married men often wear presently their wedding band.


Nowadays many of the rings are made for young students. They contain an permanent logo of their degree or profession or other education courses and as such they are called a graduation rings. Some people also put together for their organization or union or manufacturing. These rings are very popular for children.Nowadays trends for mood rings. It’s tend to change their color depending on the mood of the wearer and special decoder rings that gives secret messages on a letter. These are the examples of ring varieties.

There are lots of other designs that would of course fit everybody’s taste. We are provides that all of Designs and mood ring colors.Whatever the type, style or reason, the wearing of rings is still fashionable to this day.

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