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How Does a Mood Ring Work?

Mood Rings Color

Mood rings have been in vogue since 1970s, most common among teenagers. The way mood rings function is based on the body temperature, i.e. as the body changes its temperature the ring changes its color. Mood rings function on the basis of our body temperature; the liquid crystal present in the mood rings moves when the body changes its temperatures and this fluctuates the light that is r eflected and this causes the ring to change its color.

Mood Ring ColorMood ring is a jewelry; specifically a ring that supposedly alters its color according to the state of mind of an individual wearing it. The term mood ring was coined by two visionaries Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats who invented mood ring by bonding liquid crystals and quartz stone into rings almost 30 years ago in 1975. Mood rings contain thermo chro...

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the mood ring

Silver Masonic Ring

Mood Rings Colors meanings

Nowadays many people are wear rings and particularly finger. But in more antique times they had a greater importance. In these days disappeared by some earrings were believed to contain puzzling powers and so far others were rings of more significance that which one would be top secret in the public.

History of mood ring

In History the rings were the forerunners .The Greeks wore golden bands regularly with fixed stone or other forms of design on the other hand. The early Romans decreed the wearing by law. In earlier times iron jewelry were worn by each person whom were freeborn and top level people were allowable to wear gold rings under the early empire. Later on the freeborn populace wore gold jewelry , slaves that were flowing wore silver and all slaves wore ...

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Mood ring color meanings

Mood ring color chart

It is an undisputed fact that Jewelry, the diamond ring, diamond ring, engagement ring, blue diamond ring,beautiful engagement rings are the weakness of every woman. However, there is certain jewelry that literally expresses the feelings and moods of women like yellow gold engagement rings,blue topaz engagement ring, white gold engagement rings. You might wonder, is it really possible? The answer is, Yes it is. Mood ring is one of its very own kinds of jewelry that changes it color according to the mood of the person wearing it. Thus, mood ring color meanings can let the people around you understand what mood are you in.

Mood Ring Color Meanings liquid crystals

But the million dollar question is, how can a ring color meanings show what is the mood of the person wearing it? Actually, mood r...

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