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Silver Masonic Ring

Silver Masonic Ring

What are silver masonic rings?

Wearing Silver masonic rings is very old tradition. Even today it’s not known that who made these rings. They are the symbol of good deeds and virtue, so it’s very important that the person who wears silver masonic rings, must be of good virtue, eternal heart and must be a follower or a believer. Silver masonic rings are traditional worn on the right hand. Today wearing a masonic has become a fashion more than a tradition.

A person who is not a follower or believer, is not allowed to wear this ring. In the olden days, a person found guilty of stealing this ring was punishable to death mood food. A bears a crest, having designs mostly of a square or a compass. The square or the compass on the crest, points towards downwards, in the direction of the bearer.

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