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Antique engagement rings

This year it was all about engagement rings and the brides to be, as the rings and the brides got noticed and was one of the hottest topics. There has been a lot of buzz about hilary duff engagement ring because it is not just a ring, but a huge rock, which Mike Comrie, gifted to her while popping the big question in front of her.

Comrie gifted the huge rock or the engagement ring to Hilary Duff, during their holiday in Maui in Hawaii, and since then the ring became a talk of the town. Mike Comrie is a hockey player, who plays from Canadian National Hockey League.

Check out the pictures Hilary Duff Engagement Ring

hilary-duff-engagement-ring1You can check out the pictures of hilary duff engagement ring online, to get a closer look at the amazing ring...

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