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Types of Mood Rings That You Can Wear In the Next Season

Mood RingNowadays, mood rings have been considered as the perfect accessories for an auspicious occasion. You can either select something bold or among dainty designs. It was way back in the 1970s, when the inventors created the rings by combining liquid crystals and quartz stones. As far as the mood ring color meaning is concerned, it actually signifies the mood of a person as the body temperature changes from one degree to the other. So, if you are looking for rings that work accurately, then you should surely go through the list below.

Magic eye mood ring

While such a type of ring appears weird, the jewelry piece would never let you go out of style. The thermotropic liquid crystals feature a centrally located eye that changes its color when it comes in contact with the skin.

14kt Gold mood ring

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Things You Need To Know About Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver RingsSterling Silver Rings

From extravagant rings to elegant wedding bands, sterling silver rings look stunning and complement every kind of attire. Since the shiny metal is durable and soft, it can be molded into various designs. Owing to the incredible value and neutral nature, such jewelry pieces are perfect when men and women need to augment fashion accessories. So, here’s everything you are supposed to know about these sterling silver jewelry rings.


Sterling silver comprises 7.5 percent metal alloy along with 92.5 percent of pure silver. When jewelers are trying to be creative in designing such rings, copper is the most commonly used metal alloy. Even though such rings are decorated, the expert doesn’t have a tough time in molding the metal due to the presence of pure silver.


Popularly kno...

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Ways of Changing The Color Of A Mood Ring

silver mood ring

Many individuals purchase a ring just to show off style. They completely understand that the crystal of the ring changes color as the moods shift. While some colors can signify happiness, others might show that the person is anxious about something. Well, the color change occurs since the ring is made up of tiny liquid crystals that turn the color depending on the temperature. Since the person gets excited, the body temperature starts increasing and this changes the color accordingly.

  • Initially, you should place the ring on your palm and start rubbing an ice cube over it. After a few minutes, the ring starts appearing dark black. This is because the temperature has now changed drastically and this causes the crystals to react with each other...
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Fashion Trends You Can Try With All Sorts Of Rings


If you wish to look stylish all year round, then you need to shop for the necessary pieces. It’s somewhat similar to chef who gathers a potpourri of ingredients before starting off with the recipe. But you can’t follow the same tip when it comes to rings. Quite obvious, girls have a different taste and an obsession of various fashion trends. So, to set yourself apart, you need to look further. Consider these ways and add on to your ensemble.

  • For a countryside or boho-inspired look, think about silver rings. These could be set in different shapes but don’t forget to match chunkier pieces with delicate style. Alternatively, you can also try antique bohemian mood rings. These are made from bronze with filigree design as its prominent feature.
  • Reflect a new look by sliding heavy ri...
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How Does a Mood Ring Work?

Mood Rings Color

Mood rings have been in vogue since 1970s, most common among teenagers. The way mood rings function is based on the body temperature, i.e. as the body changes its temperature the ring changes its color. Mood rings function on the basis of our body temperature; the liquid crystal present in the mood rings moves when the body changes its temperatures and this fluctuates the light that is r eflected and this causes the ring to change its color.

Mood Ring ColorMood ring is a jewelry; specifically a ring that supposedly alters its color according to the state of mind of an individual wearing it. The term mood ring was coined by two visionaries Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats who invented mood ring by bonding liquid crystals and quartz stone into rings almost 30 years ago in 1975. Mood rings contain thermo chro...

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moustache mood ring color chart

moustache mood ring color chart

If you are the kinds of person doesn’t wish to show your inner minds to your friends, family and relatives, then you may consider wearing the mood rings. Mood ring indicates various mood situations of the human beings in forms of different colors. Mood ring primarily comprises thermochromic component, like as liquid that change colors according to the temperature of fingers of the ring wearers. You may see such rings in numerous designs and styles for men and women like moustache mood rings. The moustache mood ring color chart describes the various mood situation of the ring wearer and that is why it’s necessary to know it thoroughly to take correct actions at appropriate time.
moustache mood ring color chart
The individuals have outstanding ability of showing varied mood situation throughout the day and such changes ...

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how do mood rings work

mood ring

I n the mid 70’s mood rings were which works as an indicator of human state of mind the need or the reason of inventing mood rings was very simple. Person has to wear the ring on the figure and it s supposed to reflect the state of emotion of the person by showing the change in the color of the ring different color have been used to define the different state of emotion of the Peron wearing the ring for example dark blue color which reflects happy , romantic and passionate feeling or state of mind but if the person is stressed or anxious the color of the mood ring changes to black as you can see mood ring indicate the change in mood of a person with the help of the change in colors of mood ring.

How Do Mood Rings Work liquid crystals

But as we know mood rings are not able to reflect or i...

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