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Every year, a woman looks for style and trend. So, as you prepare yourself for 2018, minimalist styles with the focus on the natural gemstone prevail to be the talk of the town. Whether it’s oval, round or cushion, the simple settings actually look stunning along with the color. Still searching for the perfect engagement ring? Then here’s what would be popular season after season.

Simple Solitaries

When you consider the engagement ring for your adorable darling, then minimalist designs would certainly one among the favorite trinkets. There’s nothing that can beat the timeless design in which the natural stone is beautifully set with platinum or gold bands. For that extra sparkle, bands studded with small diamonds would really look magnificent for that special day.


While a roun...

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Rules You Should Follow For Engagement Rings

Cheap Engagement RingsWhen your engagement is round the corner, then you should express love with a beautiful ring. So, here are some things you ought to know before you start shopping.

Consider the shape

Even before you check out for color, cut, carat and clarity, you must source an appropriate shape your loved one loves most. In contrast to the cut, shape indicates the geometry of the gemstone. In fact, it’s much different than different facets of the stone.

Check for the setting

A perfect setting can only be observed when the stone in mounted in the metallic framework. This determines not only the style but also the tone of the ring. In a bezel setting, a round engagement ring stone reflects a modern yet fresh look. But, for a traditional look, an oval natural stone looks great in the four-prong setting...

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Design Your Engagement Rings

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 A wedding or engagement is one of the most favorable days of one’s life and every person wants to make them special in one or the other system The main focus of engagement day remainder the completely made rings and they become even more special if they are made with the accompaniments of intricately carved solitaires to form mesmerizing diamond engagement rings. The market is full of traditional, gothic, modern, ethnic and sober ring designs which have been impress couples for ages. But people have made changes to their preference by opting of unique styles and patterns of wedding rings that represent the beginning of the new journey of their life and also express feelings of couples towards each other.

design-your-engagement-rings-1You can get your engagement rings finished in the forms of simple studded diamonds o...

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Tacori Engagement Rings

The Beauty of Rings

Tacori is measured as a pacesetter in the design and configuration of the premium platinum bridal ornaments.

Even after 25 years, Tacori continues to make every endeavor to create the platinum trinkets of superior class. Tacori platinum nuptial costume jewelry proves to be something more than a mere approach statement. It emphasizes your astute taste and fashion sense. Tacori stands for unbending reputation and eternal value, thus goes away from just style. Although others may try, none can match up to the superiority of the Tacori jewelries, because only Tacori promises the accuracy of contents.

Tacori designers are persistently making fashionable collection formed from only the uppermost quality Platinum and 18 or 22 Karat gold...

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