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Solitaire engagement ring

Solitaire engagement ring
Make your marriage proposal in a unique way

Each of us wants to make our engagement proposal a unique one. After all, one cannot make a marriage proposal without an engagement ring. These days’ girls love to flaunt their engagement rings in public. In fact a unique solitary engagement ring would be ideal one for someone special. Solitaire engagement ring settings are well known for their classic appearance. The most important part of such a ring would be the central stone. Anyone looking at the ring would be attracted by the beauty of the central stone.

Why is Solitaire engagement ring so special?

Engagement rings are always special and most of us cherish our engagement rings close to our heart. Usually solitaire rings come with a simple band and a beautiful single central stone. Most people prefer to have diamond solitaire engagement rinng, but there are still others who prefer to use emerald or other precious stones in their rings. The most important feature of solitary engagement ring is that emphasis is given to the central stone.


Invest in solitaire ringsSolitaire engagement rings are ideal as gifts as their value increases year by year. As your solitaire engagement ring uses high quality stone, it is ideal as investment piece also. Whenever you choose diamond, go for one with good clarity, cut and carats. Cut is an important feature of diamond rings. There are different types of cuts available in these rings

Solitaire engagement ring
  • Heart cut diamond ring: this type of ring is popular among youngsters, because of the classic look
  • Round cut: many people use this type of cut also.

Various types of settings in solitaire engagement rings

Choosing solitaire rings can be easy. But to choose a setting for the ring is a bit difficult as a number of settings and designs are available these days. In fact renowned and trusted jewelers would be able to give you more information about various settings used in such rings. Among the solitaire engagement ring settings, the most popular ones are of course the prong and bezel settings. The prong settings usually have claw like settings which protect the central stone solitaire engagement ring.Tiffany mount is a well known brand of solitaire engagement ring, which was named after the company which founded these types of rings. Prong settings make the central stone shine brilliantly solitaire engagement ring. So these rings are preferred by people world wide.

Bezel settings on solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement ring

You can also use bezel settings on your solitaire engagement ring. This type of settings not only provides more protection to your ring. While using such settings, it is better to use marquise diamonds. Some people also use trillion cut diamonds along with bezel settings. In this type of settings the central stone appears larger, so you have to use high quality diamonds for the central stone. Now a days most people use princess cut solitaire engagement ring also. Choose a special solitaire ring for your special occasion and make your engagement a truly memorable one.