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Silver Masonic Ring

Silver Masonic Ring

What are silver masonic rings?

Wearing Silver masonic rings is very old tradition. Even today it’s not known that who made these rings. They are the symbol of good deeds and virtue, so it’s very important that the person who wears silver masonic rings, must be of good virtue, eternal heart and must be a follower or a believer. Silver masonic rings are traditional worn on the right hand. Today wearing a masonic has become a fashion more than a tradition.

A person who is not a follower or believer, is not allowed to wear this ring. In the olden days, a person found guilty of stealing this ring was punishable to death mood food. A bears a crest, having designs mostly of a square or a compass. The square or the compass on the crest, points towards downwards, in the direction of the bearer.

Silver Masonic Rings

silvemasonicring2Nowadays there are different types of Silver masonic rings available in jewellery stores.Silver masonic rings are quite famous among other rings. Silver masonic rings are generally made up of strong sterling silver. Some of the types of silver rings are shown below.
1. Knights Templar Mason Ring: On the crest of this ring there is a symmetrical cross engraved. here is also an encrypted sign “In Hoc Signo Vinces”, which means “In this sign, we shall be victorious”. This kind of silver rings were worn by knights, who used to protect their religion, their community from crusaders ho used to make pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
2. Shrine Rings: There is a sign of a sword and a crescent joined together. There is also a symbol of star between the crescent which is typically engraved upside down. The star situated between crescent is also known as Bethlehem or a blazing star. Thus the silver masonic ring is also derived from the blazing star.
3. Scottish Rite: This ring is also known 32nd degree silver masonic ring. 32 was the highest level of masonry degree, so the person bearing this ring was considered the master mason or the person who has reached the highest degree. As it is the 32nd degree silver masonic ring, the number 32 is also engraved in it.
silvemasonicring34. Blue Lodge Masonic Rings: This ring is the most common silver ring a mason worn. The design of this ring is the most common among all the rings. This ring can also be made up of gold with red, blue, or black stone as a background. In the design of this ring, there is a symbol of square and a compass and a letter G engraved in the middle. The letter G in the middle symbolizes God.

5. Past Master Rings: The background of these silver rings are stetted with either red, blue, or black stones. It has a design of a compass engraved above the symbol of a glowing sun. A past master silver ring denotes that the bearer is a former master mason.You can also buy a Silver masonic rings via online stores. If you buy these rings from a reputed jewellery tore then it comes with “certificate of authenticity”. These rings can also be given as a gift to person who is a mason. These rings are truly symbol eternity and virtue.