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Silver marcasite rings

Silver marcasite rings

Marcasite is getting tremendous fame alongside silver for variety of designs in the jewelry industry. There are more and more jewelry design coming up with the passage of time made up with combination of silver and marcasite. There is all type of jewelries available in the market in the form of bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles and etc. Therefore, silver marcasite rings are considered as one of the most perfect blends of elements to form beautifully crafted rings. More and more designs are coming that has changed the traditions of the old in the jewelry industries containing silver marcasite rings.

silver marcasite rings

silve-marcasite1There are plenty of reasons that have made the women mold towards buying silver marcasite rings rather than the gold rings. First of all, the shine that silver marcasite rings possess is almost similar to that of the shine of the gold.

Hence, marcasite is sometimes also called “Gold’s fool” because of the tremendous and authentic shine it has. But it is much cheaper than the real gold. Therefore, women get that expensive looking silver jewelry that shines like gold jewelry in a much reasonable price and that’s one of the major factors that makes women buy silver marcasite rings rather than buying the original gold rings.

Marcasite rings are actually made with the marcasite that is also known as white iron pyrite. Iron Pyrite is used as finishing different jewelry and it is not that hard that makes it fairly easy to mold it in any shape you want. Thus, coming up with different designs are pretty easy with iron pyrite element and that’s why there is unlimited number of silver marcasite rings available in the market in different designs and colors.

However, the only concern about sterling silver mood rings is that it requires a great bit of handling and care to keep it shiny and new. Therefore, there are certain measures that you should take to keep it alive for a longer period of time. Here are few of those measures that should be taken:

    • Sterling silver mood rings should not be wearing at the time of doing domestic work like washing dishes, washing clothes or even cooking. As the exposure to water, air or minerals may cause it to fade very easily.
    • • If you want to clean the sterling silver mood rings, then make sure you use only mild cleaning agent and nothing very harsh full of chemicals.
  • • The best way to keep sterling silver mood rings clean and make its life longer is to wipe it with a dry cloth silve-marcasite2every now and then. This will make sure that the rings stay the same for most of the time.
  • • Overheat exposure can also cause damage to the sterling silver mood rings, therefore should be avoided all the time.

Sterling Silver Marcasite Rings

Nevertheless, the caring of sterling silver mood rings is really necessary. However, if you are good at taking care of your jewelry then it will not take a lot from you to give you an expensive, elegant and beautiful look with sterling silver mood rings.