Mood Stone Earrings Colors | Mood RIngs Colors Meanings

Significance of Mood Stone Earring Colors

Mood EarringsMany girls and women buy mood earrings for fun. It’s actually marvelous to know that as the mood shifts the earrings too change colors. The ornaments are made of tiny liquid crystals which change color shades depending on the temperature. If wearing such jewelry brings in the visual delight and excitement, then the body temperature of the individual starts rising. Finally, this results in color change. So, here is the significance of every color you could observe with mood stone earrings.

Remove the trinket from your closet and rub an ice cube. Soon, a dark black color would beautify the earrings. Since there’s a transition from normal to low temperature, the crystals start reacting. Usually, black color signifies disappointment during an occasion. Moreover, the individual might feel stressed out or bored as the event proceeds.

When you change the temperature by placing the embellishments in a glass of water, you can foresee gray or yellow color. This occurs because the room temperature is lower than body temperature. While yellow denotes that the person is distracted or bored, gray means shows nervousness or anxiety. It appears that the girl is worried about something.

Green could be the color when the woman wears such earrings. The average body temperature brings about the change. The individual is calm and carries herself with a stress free attitude. It also shows that she is comfortable at that point of time.Mood Jewelry

When you place mood jewelry in a cup of warm water, then the girl can see a bright blue color spreading across the crystals. Actually, blue means that the girl is going to do something that’s sure to boost her spirit. She would also be doing something that would stir up excitement.

Just like the above situations, a heating pad too triggers a different reaction among crystals. Once placed on the pad, the mood earrings become dark blue in color. The color indicates a romantic mood or an urge to spend special moments with her soulmate. Love is in the air once someone spots the dark blue shade.

How to take good care of mood earrings

  • Never expose mood jewelry to water. This is because bonding materials get neutralized and the original condition would no longer be retained. Likewise, avoid storing such ornaments in cold places. The earrings would freeze and would finally break. Do understand that mood jewelry is delicate in nature.
  • Always treat mood jewelry gently. To clean the earrings, use a damp cotton ball or a soft cloth soaked in alcohol. Gently rub these trinkets enough to remove accumulated dust. Unlike custom jewelry pieces, cleaning stops discoloration effect. Regular maintenance would help you restore the shine and color. You would never have to spend time in consulting a professional cleaner.

Finally, when you’re not using the trinkets, you can store them at normal room temperature.