Significance of Mood Ring Colors | Mood RIngs Colors Meanings

Significance of Mood Ring Colors


The mood ring hit the market 30 years ago. Basically, it is nothing but a ring with centrally located crystals that change color depending on the body temperature.

Owing to the sensitivity of heat, the thermotropic liquid crystals change the orientation and reflect light at different wavelengths. However, when the individual has worn the jewelry piece for a long time, the stone denotes the emotional state of the mind. So, as you scroll ahead you can check out the mood ring color meanings.


When you are keeping the ring inside your wardrobe, the default color is black. However, when the color is black on the finger, then it indicates a negative temperament. You may either be tired after a hectic schedule or are tensed about something when things are not working the way they should be.


White signifies confusion when you can’t think clearly and come to a firm decision. It may also indicate boredom or frustration when the routine might become monotonous.


Normally, you might observe grey on the crystals of the mood ring. But, in case the color shade is visible, then it shows that you are anxious about something or afraid of things that might happen. Moreover, if you are going through a bad phase, then the color also may signify sadness.


Whenever the crystals react to a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, it shows that the person is actually active. It may also signify that the person is energetic and enthusiastic about doing things. On the other hand, the color can indicate that the person has mixed emotions and restless at that point in time.


Known to signify an optimistic mind, blue shows that the person is happy and passionate about something he desires to do. Besides, it might also show that the person is contemplating and thinking about making love with her partner.


When you see purple on the mood ring stones, the person has a balanced state of mind and is contented with whatever is going on in her life. But, on the contrary, reddish purple may indicate a different mood along with anger. Bright colors like pink can show affection, happiness, and love.


Usually, associated with passion, red shows love and excitement of what might occur sometime later. But, orange indicates stress or a feeling of doing something dreadful. Among the color shades, bright red can mean something else. It shows a feeling of excitement and the urge of moving on with an exciting activity.


When the color of the ring changes to brown, then it might denote that the person is not focused but confused on what she should do next.

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