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Rules You Should Follow For Engagement Rings

Cheap Engagement RingsWhen your engagement is round the corner, then you should express love with a beautiful ring. So, here are some things you ought to know before you start shopping.

Consider the shape

Even before you check out for color, cut, carat and clarity, you must source an appropriate shape your loved one loves most. In contrast to the cut, shape indicates the geometry of the gemstone. In fact, it’s much different than different facets of the stone.

Check for the setting

A perfect setting can only be observed when the stone in mounted in the metallic framework. This determines not only the style but also the tone of the ring. In a bezel setting, a round engagement ring stone reflects a modern yet fresh look. But, for a traditional look, an oval natural stone looks great in the four-prong setting. Availing the right combination of setting and shape is surely the key.

Perceive her style

Nowadays, the trend to buy rings prevails with the bride and groom shopping together. But, if you like your soul mate to appear traditional or surprise her with a piece that she loves most, then you should search diligently. You can speak with your closest buddy if you’re confused about what to purchase. But, if you don’t want to disclose the secret, then observe what your partner wears frequently. Watch your mate for a few weeks and note down her style.

Consider the metal

When it’s all about wedding bands, then you should go through rings made from a variety of metals. Among the popular ones is platinum which is durable and pure. The metal could be the final choice because it doesn’t cause allergies to sensitive skin. Apart from gold and platinum, you can also think about ‘something old and new’ intricately incorporated in the trinket.

Purchase loose stones

Unless you’re purchasing an estate ring, you should prefer buying loose stones as opposed to the ones set beautifully. The gemstones you view in the jeweler’s case are nothing but samples that add on to the idea of a finished product. Since the stone accounts for the ring’s cost, you won’t avail something gorgeous in your budget.  Inspect the stone thoroughly for imperfections. You can do the task with the help of a small magnifier jewelers have.

Wait for at least six weeks

Once the order is placed, a ring can arrive within six weeks. It may take a longer time if you opt for a custom design. If you want to personalize the ring with a message, then you should offer the inscription when you’re placing the order.

Shop safe

Always visit the jeweler only when you have sought recommendations from your friends. A better place could be stores accredited by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Quite often, you can rely on reputed brands which offer unbelievable offers. Check you can get the advantage of a return policy. In case your fiancée doesn’t like the stone, then you can exchange it with cheap engagement rings immediately.

Finally, you should make the purchase without going into debt. If the budget doesn’t pose to be a constraint, then go for a ring with a larger area. Reconsider the option if you don’t want to sacrifice.