Mood Ring Color Chart Meanings - Mood Ring Color Meanings - Part 10

Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Silver marcasite rings

Gold is actually one of the the majority famous and first metal known to man. It’s name is derivative from the Latin word “aurum” which literally means spotless dawn.

Historically, gold is used in transactions like barter or to establish the value of something it is considered in gold. It is also used in making expensive metals like coins or money, artifacts, jewelry and even integrated in some art works.


Today, gold is incorporated in many modern industry like electronics and dentistry. Because of the acquiescent, yielding, soft, dense and shiny quality of this metal, it is preferential in making accessories and jewelries particularly for making a gold diamond ring.

The color varies from intense yellow to dull yellow depending on the type of metal that is added to it to make a just right...

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the mood ring

Silver Masonic Ring

Mood Rings Colors meanings

Nowadays many people are wear rings and particularly finger. But in more antique times they had a greater importance. In these days disappeared by some earrings were believed to contain puzzling powers and so far others were rings of more significance that which one would be top secret in the public.

History of mood ring

In History the rings were the forerunners .The Greeks wore golden bands regularly with fixed stone or other forms of design on the other hand. The early Romans decreed the wearing by law. In earlier times iron jewelry were worn by each person whom were freeborn and top level people were allowable to wear gold rings under the early empire. Later on the freeborn populace wore gold jewelry , slaves that were flowing wore silver and all slaves wore ...

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Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings

Honesty is the best policy, as long as your fiance know this and she is alright with this then goes ahead. I find it really extraordinary that a clarity enhanced diamond could be graded a VS 2 that is not possible! The diamond should still have a cert! That’s my first concern. Diamonds have grading certificates for a reason, YOUR PROTECTION! Accuracy is significant to the beauty and value of your precious stone. Usually to bother attractive a stone the clarity or inclusions have to be good-looking visible.

Thus they drill holes to the flaws and peroxide out the dark inclusions and usually fill the holes or large inclusions that break the outside up with a compatible material. The only problem is that this makes the diamond unsteady you can’t work on the ring...

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Platinum Engagement Rings

Masonic Rings

The platinum used in platinum engagement rings is to a large extent more rare than gold and perhaps this is why it costs 4x as much as yellow gold and 2x as much as white gold. different gold, platinum is used in about its pure form in jewelry. Platinum’s purity is indicated by a 3 digit number which ought to be marked on the band. For example, If your band is marked “950 platinum”, the band is 95% clean platinum with alloys constituting 5% of the ring. Most platinum is mine in Russia and South Africa.

platinum-engagement-ringsPlatinum’s silvery-white luster looks beautiful touching most gemstones, hence it is gradually more a very popular choice for one’s engagement ring setting. Platinum will feel heavier on one’s finger than other metals.

One of the slighter known facts about platinum is that it is hypo-a...

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Mood necklace color meanings

Solitaire engagement ring

Mood necklace is a great way to show people around you the mood you are having at a particular time. It is a great way to show people when you are in a bad mood, or need someone to be with you or even when you want to be alone. Hence, if you are one of those girls who do not like to speak out things or express themselves by saying things, then mood necklace is the right jewelry for you to express yourself without even saying words. Yes! That’s right! You can speak your heart out loud by just your necklace and people will understand you by only mood necklace color meanings There are lots of diamond necklace available in different colors by help of them you can impress your fiancee. It’s really cool if you give gift of diamond engagement necklace.

mood necklace color meanings remains


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Mood necklace

Mood necklace

After the creation of mood rings, different jewelries were tried to adopt the same pattern like the mood rings. Specially, there were women around the world who did not like to wear a ring but a necklace. Every women has dreams of pearl necklace jewelry,diamond necklace,gold diamond necklace and diamond pendants necklaces. Therefore, people of from different jewelry industries came up with the idea of mood necklace.

mood necklace created a gemstone

A mood necklace is created with a gemstone in a necklace that is made of crystal and contains thermo chromic substance just like a mood ring. Therefore, the mood necklace changes its color also similarly to the mood ring. However, there are certain limitations with the mood necklace that should be kept in mind while you purchase it...

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Wedding Rings

Silver marcasite rings

Occasionally there are moments whenever you want them to see that you simply in reality appreciate him or her. What is a lot more attractive than to give a ring? With its surrounding shape without establishment or end, this jewel that symbolizes eternity.

You show that friendship is a matter of faith, throughout thick and thin. It is really a gesture that lets you express a sentiment. Rings to love! These are the rings that are given just since. Originality and craftsmanship give each model its unique temperament to the personality receiving it.

Find a manufacture that has materials sent through a thorough inspection. This way you know that the ring and the wedding-ringswhole thing that comes with its legit. Take a look at places like Ben jewelers and the Shane Company for a compilation of wedding ri...

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Engagement Ring Bands

Mood ring color chart

Seeking an inexpensive and beautiful engagement ring bands is important as a man should propose his fiancé-to-be with a beautiful engagement ring. Although there is not a minimum price set on the ring, you should not withhold on this and is suggested to cost generally your 3 month salary. Buying the engagement ring bands can be relatively costly and could easily cost you a few years of savings. Even so, there’s no motive for you trying to seek for an affordable alternative. When it comes to this special occasion, diamond rings are the best you can get in term of beauty. To get the most value out of a diamond ring, you have to appreciate the 4 important components that will affect the price which is also identified as the 4 C’s. This is the cut, carat, clarity and color of the diamond.


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Tacori Engagement Rings

The Beauty of Rings

Tacori is measured as a pacesetter in the design and configuration of the premium platinum bridal ornaments.

Even after 25 years, Tacori continues to make every endeavor to create the platinum trinkets of superior class. Tacori platinum nuptial costume jewelry proves to be something more than a mere approach statement. It emphasizes your astute taste and fashion sense. Tacori stands for unbending reputation and eternal value, thus goes away from just style. Although others may try, none can match up to the superiority of the Tacori jewelries, because only Tacori promises the accuracy of contents.

Tacori designers are persistently making fashionable collection formed from only the uppermost quality Platinum and 18 or 22 Karat gold...

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White Gold Engagement Ring

Emerald engagement rings

Probably the most fantastic ring you possibly will have for engagement is the ring with gold in white color.

This color of gold is the best type of wedding ring to purchase because it is cheaper yet it is as beautiful as platinum wedding rings.

Everything about white gold is pretty much related to a platinum engagement ring. A platinum engagement ring is one of the most exclusive and most sought after ring for couples who want to tie the bind.

You will be more convinced about why you be supposed to rather buy a white instead of platinum particularly if you are looking to have a nice ring on a cheap price.

One of the best qualities of a platinum wedding ring is its color. Just like platinum, white colored gold looks especially much comparable to a platinum jewelry.

Most people seek platinu...

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