Difference Between Mood Watch and Ring | Mood RIngs Colors Meanings

Mood Watch

Mood Watch

Mood watch is a special kind of wrist watch which has been designed to serve different purposes. There are a few a few people who use fashionable accessories only to get a stylish and distinct look. However, there are others as well who prefer combining style and trend and they look for different types of things, and Mood watches are for those people only.

What makes mood watch attractive is mood watch colors. It is available in wide range of variety so you can have a many in your personal collection to wear with different fashionable and traditional out fits. If you want to learn about this special type of watch in detail please continue reading. You also may know more on mood watch color meanings.

mood-watch3Mood Watch variety

Variety:It seems hard to choose a single piece of mood watch from the wide varieties. Each item differs from another in terms of look, style, color, design detailing, and uses and last but not the least prices. This watch is for all and that is why it is being manufactured in different ways so that everybody can have one in their collection. There are both leather brand and gold and diamond watches and all the items are perfect to add more depth in your sense of styling.

Mood Watch Features:

A silvery mood watch can surpass the performance of a diamond wristlet and it may be that you will not like to use any other jewelry after using this watch. A rare collection of mood watches often comes with:

mood-watch2Silver embedded sterling with a piece of gold( the gold piece weighs up to 9 carat)
  • An incorporated safety and catch chain
  • Quartz movement and pearl based dial

However, it needs mentioning in this regard that most of the rare collections of this watch are actually hand made and that is why it can’t enclose the movement of stainless steel in a proper way.

Mood Watch The colors of mood watch:

Mood watch as the name suggest is not only being used as stylish accessory but also as a tool to judge the status of your mood. It is often seen that due to tampered and irritated mood we can’t concentrate in work properly and face difficulties in professional and personal life. Being a watch mood –watch it changes its colors following the mood of the users so that you are aware of what is going to happen. However, to utilize this facility you must know the mood watch color meanings.

  • If the watch goes red you are in an excited mood
  • Pinkish color of the watch symbolizes you are scared of something
  • When it turns blue it means you are as calm as the sea water
  • Black is always the color of devil and here it symbolizes stress.
  • When you are nervous your watch will go gray.
  • If you are in a daring mood it will look orangey
  • When there is no fear and no excitement it will remain gorgeous green

And if you are in an unstable mood what will be the color? Well, it will be nothing but yellow.

Thus, the moral of the story is mood watch is such an exclusive time piece, which gives you proper time, makes you’re styling complete and helps you to coordinate with your mood successfully.