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Mood Rings

Sterling silver mood ring

Mood Rings were quite popular in the early 1970s and are still so nowadays. Real mood rings are always a prized possession as it reflects the mental state of the wearer. One of the highlighting aspects with mood rings remains in the fact that it alters its color with the fluctuating mood of the concerned wearer.

Most people believe that the change in color happens with the body temperature alteration of the wearer. This type of ring consists of a thermo chromic element. Most individuals are confused pertaining to the lingering question whether real mood rings really work.

Color Change Signifies Altering Mood Rings:

rings-02There is absolutely no doubt about the truth that color of mood rings alters with the fluctuating mood of the concerned individual. However, one must come in terms with the fact that mood rings can never really reflect one’s changing mood. One can always wear these types of rings on one’s finger. Mood rings feature faux gemstone and the underlying protection covering consists liquid thermo chromic crystal. This specific type of ring displays neutral color at a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Black color signifies that such rings are no longer in a working state. If in the case the color of real mood rings is red, it implies that the concerned wearer is experiencing profound urgency to physical response. The best term to explain red mood ring is passion. One must realize the fact that this specific term associates itself with glamour.

Common Colors Associated with Mood Rings:

The common colors associated with real mood rings are as highlighted below:

  • Black
  • Violet Blue
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Green
rings-03Mood rings that show violet color reflect a sense of romanticism and happiness. Blue colored mood rings signify a true sense of calmness and relaxation. Wholesale amber/yellow colored mood rings reflect a true sense of tension and excitement. Black colored mood rings depict a picture of damaged chair and cold temperature. Yellow colored mood rings hold a strong indication of a hyperactive central nervous system. In such circumstances, it is always advisable to avoid consumption of energy drinks, coffee and soda. Most people bear a strong affinity towards yellow colored mood rings. There is no doubt about the verity that yellow continues to be one of the favorite ring coloration. Most customers hope to buy mood rings due to the lasting and appealing features.

These types of mood rings feature glass shells and quartz. Mood rings feature small-sized crystals that alters itself with changes in temperature. One must realize the fact that the standard color associated with wholesale mood rings is green. Green crystals also exhibit changes in color. The change in coloration depends on the typical physique temperature. Alteration in the color of the concerned crystals occurs because of twisting. The molecular structure of mood rings changes wavelength of light to a certain extent. Color associated with mood rings changes as the temperature of the concerned crystals alter. The popularity of these types of jewelries is not the same as it was in the early 1970s but one can always expect the popularity to rise in the coming years as well. If you want to know something more on mood ring color meanings then visit here.