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Mood Ring Meanings

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It is a human nature to explore the world further and further. Therefore, since the stone ages, human have evolved dramatically in all aspects of life. So is the case with the science. In the mid of 1970’s a researched named Joshua Reynolds brought a revolutionary invention, the mood ring. The mood ring was a very unique invention of its very own league and no one had ever seen something like this ever before in that age.

 mood rings colors meanings

Rings are also available in gold and diamond with lots of color. If your partner like white color then give white gold engagement rings in gift else blue topaz engagement ring etc. But before select it you need to find mood color of your partner. The mood ring was the first ever invention to analyze a person’s inner behavior and mood that he possesses at a particular time. The ring contained a thermo chromic substance that changes according to the temperature of the wearer of the ring.


This substance is highly reactive of temperature and changes color according to the ratios of the temperature. Thus, most of the people were fascinated by this invention in 70s. However, this ring is still pretty popular among the masses but it is not as famous as it used to be back then mood ring meanings.Nevertheless, people still argue that are mood ring meanings true? Let’s clear few points first to answer this question. It is understood and undisputed that the color of the mood ring changes according to the flow of the temperature of the wearer mood ring meanings. However, the only controversial aspect of these rings is mood ring meanings. People mostly argue that how can temperature show a certain mood of a person?

Let’s take a simple example of few mood ring meanings. What happens when you are extremely excited or happy about something? Imagine your home team winning a soccer world cup final? The answer is, the temperature goes up. So it means when you purchase princess engagement rings, or birth control ring, or lots of diamonds ring then your temprature down. And when you give this engagement diamond rings,princess engagement rings to your girlfriend than her teprature become up because she is in happy mood. wa Thus, a higher temperature will change the color of the ring to Magenta or Orange. Now, what happens when you are extremely angry on a person or something goes terribly wrong? Medically talking, the blood will start to flow in multiple directions into different organs and the body temperature goes down dramatically. In such cases, the color of the ring will turn Red. Thus, it is quite evident that mood ring meanings are to a certain extent very much true. However, people can still ask questions about the credibility of these mood ring meanings and claim it to be inconsistent.

mood rings meanings

mood_ring3Mood ring is generally made up with a gemstone glass or quarts that contain the liquid form of thermo chromic substance. This substance changes its color with the direct contact to the skin temperature. The normal and average temperature of a human body is considered to be 37 Degree Centigrade or 98.6 Degree Fahrenheit. If this temperature goes up or down, the ring color changes accordingly. However, it can be inconsistent with some other factors as well. For instance mood ring meanings, a person who is sick or having high blood pressure might have a higher temperature that has nothing to do with the mood. On the other hand, women, in their menstrual cycle have higher temperature than the normal.

To wrap it all, the mood ring meanings work surely for any person. However, there are certain exceptions that can influence the color of the ring. So give this great ring with either in diamond or gold cover to your beloved mood ring meanings. You may also find lots of cheapest engagement and diamond rings from diamond jewelry stores near you. And yes girls like only diamond and gold ring so If you give gift of simple ring then hope she will not happy but it’s coated with gold and use diamond either it is 3 carat diamond engagement ring or lower then 3 carat engagement ring but she is definitely happy.