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Mood Ring Colour Meanings

Mood Ring Colour Meanings

This is a great disputed topic among the masses that whether mood ring colour meanings appear to be true by any means or not? There are two school of thoughts, one things that it is scientifically proven that the temperature of the body of a human changes according to the mood and behavior of the human. For instance, when a person’s mood turns angry, the body temperature goes down dramatically and the human body gets cold. On the other hand, when a person’s mood is calm, relaxed and normal the body temperature becomes pretty constant and normal. Thus, the association of moods with the body temperature is a pure source for mood ring colour meanings according to those people. Diamond rings also are avaialble in lots of color like yellow diamond ring, white diamond ring and blue diamond ring. You can also purchase diamond ring inplace of mood ring when your parners mood not change.

 mood ring colors meanings

On the contrary, the other school of thoughts argues that the temperature of the body cannot make consistent and accurate estimation of the mood of the person. For instance, if a person is in a good mood but he is having a high temperature because of flue, cough or any other disease then there is a very high probability that mood ring colour meanings will not be correct at all. Therefore, mood ring colour meanings cannot be a reliable source for judging one’s mood according to this school of thought.

However, there are still a large number of people claiming that mood ring colour meanings is mostly true and accurate. Therefore the popular of mood rings have not decreased by any means and people still like to wear those rings as a fun activity and to analyze their very own and other peoples moods around them. They rather take is as an interesting fun activity rather than using it as a serious analyzer of the personality of the people because of its consistency. Nevertheless, there are still those people who believe on the consistency and the accuracy of the mood rings and hence rely heavily on these rings to judge the wearer of these rings and wear those rings themselves.


Moreover, the mood ring colour meanings of solid color are found to be more accurate than those of the combination of different colours. For instance, a solid black mood ring colour meanings is almost always accurate that it shows the wearer’s mood is depressed and tense. A solid red mood ring colour meanings is that the wearer is excited about something to follow or even passionate about things around him. A solid green mood ring colour meanings means that the person wearing the mood rings is neither too stressed nor too happy, hence in a perfect place between the two feeling calm and relaxed.

Meanwhile, colours like orange, purple, magenta, brown and etc. can be really confusing, inconsistent and inaccurate most of the times. Therefore, it becomes really hard to judge a person’s behavior when the mood ring colour seems to be the combination of two or more different colours.

mood ring colour meanings


Thus, no matter what, mood ring colour meanings can be a controversial topic to discuss but it still has not lost its charm and the popularity among the masses. If you feel that mood ring is not help to impress your girlfriend then there is lots of other diamond and gold rings avaliable for your charm girlfriend. You may also purchase diamond engagement ring for your beloved who is your partner or will be your partner. Sometime mood ring is like cheap and your girlfried is reach family than I suggest to go with diamond engagement ring.