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Mood ring color meanings

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It is an undisputed fact that Jewelry, the diamond ring, diamond ring, engagement ring, blue diamond ring,beautiful engagement rings are the weakness of every woman. However, there is certain jewelry that literally expresses the feelings and moods of women like yellow gold engagement rings,blue topaz engagement ring, white gold engagement rings. You might wonder, is it really possible? The answer is, Yes it is. Mood ring is one of its very own kinds of jewelry that changes it color according to the mood of the person wearing it. Thus, mood ring color meanings can let the people around you understand what mood are you in.

Mood Ring Color Meanings liquid crystals

But the million dollar question is, how can a ring color meanings show what is the mood of the person wearing it? Actually, mood rings are made up with a hollow shell that contains thermo tropic liquid crystals or as a variety of these ring, few of them are consists of liquid crystals like an LCD.

That’s the reason why, when the temperature of a wearer changes, the color of the mood ring changes as well.The color range of most mood ring color meanings is around 10 to 12. But due to the combination of different moods, there are certain times when a blend of two colors can be observed. However, it highly depends on the person to decide what exactly mood he or she is in. So, the big question is what mood ring color meanings are? Here are few examples of the mood ring color meanings

mood ring color meanings:

Black: If you are looking for black mood ring color meanings? Then it means the wearer is a bit depressed, nervous or stressed. It is probably a good time to have some good and positive talks with the person wearing mood ring.

Red: Red is the color for you to be cautious of the person wearing the mood ring! Because red means the wearer of the mood ring is not happy at all. It shows sadness and unhappiness of the wearer. However, this color is the most complex color as mood ring color meanings because it is the same color that also shows love, passion and adventurous feeling in a person. And you acan impress your wife with gift of anniversary rings with diamond which are in yellow or pink color so it express your feelings well.

Green: Green color shows the calmness in a person’s mood. It shows that the wearer of the mood ring is neither too happy nor too sad. Hence, there is a certain balance between happiness, joy, sadness and enjoyment. This color mostly appears when the person wearing the ring is in a balance state of mind.

Brown: Brown mood ring color meanings are pretty simple and prominent. This color will only appear for a restless, confused or worried mood of the wearer. Therefore, it suggests that the person wearing mood ring is confused about something or they are not able to take a decision easily.

White: White mood ring color meanings are peaceful, meditated or sometimes plan bored. This color will most likely to appear on a wearers ring when he is in rest and peace or extremely bored. There are also white gold engagement rings are available.

Thus, to wrap it all, mood ring is a great way to understand and analyze a person’s behavior and mood. This makes sure that you realize what way you have to talk with the person in front of you. Moreover, the mood ring color meanings are pretty simple and easy to understand within a matter of few seconds and a great way to keep the relation healthy with the people around you.