Mood Ring Original Colors Chart | Mood RIngs Colors Meanings

Mood ring color chart

Mood ring color chart

You must be aware of the mood ring color jewelry. However, there are only few people who exactly understand the mood ring color chart properly. There is number of reasons for that and the most important factor is that there are various fake mood ring color chart online that an individual cannot determine which mood ring color chart is authentic and which is not.

 Mood Ring Color Chart

Therefore, here you will find one of the most authentic mood ring color charts. The mood ring color chart is explained further below one by one according to the color:

    • Red: Red color is one of the most complex colors of mood ring color chart. It shows various moods that can depend on different factors. At one time, it shows anger and on the other time it can also show strong passion, love or excitement for any particular event that you are really excited about. Moreover, if you are in a romantic mood, the color according to mood ring color chart would turn Red as well. Red color is also available in diamond ring whic will help you to give it to your girl friend and express your lovely feeling behalf her.
    • Yellow: Yellow is the color of concentration. According to the mood ring color chart, the mood ring color will most likely change to yellow if you are preparing for a tough exam ahead, or facing any kind of trouble in any aspect of your life. Furthermore, if you are feeling egoist about any particular thing, the color would change to Yellow in that scenario as well.
    • Green: What comes to your mind when you think green? Peace, right? That’s true in mood ring color chart as well. If you are having an average or normal mood, the color of the ring will change to yellow, neither too much stressed nor too much excited. Thus, a perfect balance between being sad or happy.


  • Blue: According to the mood ring color chart, if the mood ring color changes to blue, it means that you are in an amazingly calm and relaxed mood. You are having a wonderful and peaceful time at the time and there are no apparent tensions or depressions hanging at your head.
  • White: White is the color of boredom and frustration. The mood ring color chart indicates that the white color of mood ring means that you are being extremely bored or frustrated on things revolving around your day and you need to do something different and energetic. In some cases, people claim that white color also shows the spiritual high of person wearing the mood ring and if the changes to white, the person is having strong spiritual feelings at that moment.
  • Black: last but not the least, Black color shows the tension or nervousness inside you. If you are going to go for a tough job interview soon and you are feeling under the radar, it is most probably the time when the color of the ring will change to black. On the other hand, if you are having a tough day at work and feeling really stressed, the color will change to Black then as well.

mood ring color chart

Thus, this mood ring color chart shows what to expect from the wearer showing certain colors. Sometime it happen that your girlfriend or boyfriend wants some reach gift at that time you may go with diamond ring. There are also so many colors are available in diamond ring so it not there that if you go with diamond ring then you don’t have more choice. If you don’t wisht to spend lots of monet then purchase cheapest engagement or wedding diamond rings. However, there are some mixed shades as well that can appear on the mood ring and the blend would result in the similar kind of blend in the mood.