Mood Ring Chart With Unique Collections | Mood RIngs Colors Meanings

Mood Ring Chart

Mood Ring Chart

People who like to wear jewelry and analyze people’s mood and behavior are mostly familiar with the mood ring and the meanings of the colors of the mood ring.You may know mood ring colors from here. Mood ring is a phenomenal discovery by researchers of 1970s that came up with a jewelry that can show the mood of a wearer of that ring by changing its color according to the mood of the wearer. This phenomenon works by having a particular meaning for each color that it changes to. There are plenty of mood ring chart available online that can let you know what color means what of the mood ring.

Mood Ring Chart colors However, it is quite easy to find those mood ring chart that lets you know the meaning of only solid colors like black, white, red and etc. Meanwhile, finding the mood ring chart for complex colors like Amber, Pink, Purple, greenish yellow, or yellowish orange and etc. is not an easy task at all. You may give this rings to your girlfriend or fiancee. Yeah but problem is there if you want to go with diamond jewelry. But now days diamond has lots of color so select your exact color diamond ring and gift it to your fiancee.

mood ring chart

Therefore, here you will find mood ring chart that will let you understand the meanings of mood ring colors when they are complex or a blend of two or three colors.

  • Amber: If the color of mood ring changes to Amber, then it means that you are in a very distracted or tired mood. mood ring chart suggests that most of the times the color of your mood ring will change to Amber, when you have walked late hours in your office or have been working really hard on something and got tired.
  • Bluish Green: According to the mood ring chart, Bluish Green color appearance on the mood ring means that you are feeling very emotional or somewhat relaxed at the moment. It can also suggest at times showing that you are very charged up for doing different things at the day.
  • Green-Sky: This shade according to the mood ring chart is a very complex color. It can appear on variety of moods. Most notable are when you are searching for something or considering things like taking any particular decision. Furthermore, relaxed and calm emotions can also make Green-Sky color appear on your mood ring.
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  • Mist Blue: Mist blue color often appears when you are not feeling good. It can appear when you are thinking about some good feelings of your past and getting sad about it. Or if you feel like hollow from inside about being lonely or any kind of odd feelings that might be bothering you.
  • Violet: mood ring chart suggests that violet is the color of strong love feelings, passion and sensations. Love, affection, attraction and feelings of warm and comfortable may cause Violet color to appear on the mood ring. It also often appears when you are happy with your love ones.

Thus, But every people thinks that what about my engagement ring because then purchase engagement ring with exact color which color like by your partner. this mood ring chart explains most of the colors that can appear on mood ring but not many websites or blogs talks about. Plus, the authenticity of this mood ring chart will also be confirmed once you match the colors of mood rings according to your mood with this mood ring chart.