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Mood Colors Meanings

Mood ring color chart

It is an undisputed fact that colors influence our lives to a great deal and no one can deny the importance of colors on our lives. Even it has been proved scientifically that there are certain colors that affect our moods dramatically. There are some colors that might motivate you and some colors that might demotivate you. In short, different colors post different effects on a person’s mood or you can say that colors are directly proportional to the behavior of a person.

pattern are Mood Colors Meanings

mood-colors1Following this pattern, there are different mood colors meanings assigned by psychologist around the globe. According to these psychologists and researchers, they have designed a particular pattern of colors that is assigned by the mood of a person. Thus, there are various mood colors meanings according to this pattern. This pattern enabled two of the most popular researchers, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats, come up with a revolutionary invention of mood rings. These rings actually developed a phenomenon of putting the theory of mood colors meanings into the form of reality in our practical lives.

Mood ring is basically just a ring but the amazing features of this ring it that it shows the mood of the wearer with the help of changing its color inside the crystals. You might be thinking how can it be possible? The answer is that according to the psychologist and researchers of human body, the temperature of a person changes according to the mood he is having.

For instance, a happy and comfortable person will have a normal temperature but a person who is angry will have a much higher temperature. Thus, temperature of a person is actually related to the person’s mood as well. Keeping this thing in mind, the ring is geared up with a thermo chromic element that makes the change of color possible according to the change in the temperature of the wearer. Let’s now explain an example of the mood colors meanings to show how they are categorized and what they mean.

Example of mood colors meaninigs

mood-colors2Let’s take an example of the mood colors meanings of Black. The color black is a sign of nervousness, tension and depression. Therefore, this color is most likely to cause a negative impact on a person’s mood and behavior. Hence, there are two possibilities in which we can interpret this color. First, having a personal room with the color back will keep your mood down, depressed and nervous. On the other hand, if you are wearing a mood ring and having a bad mood like being nervous or tense then the ring of the color will change to black. This shows that the universal phenomenon of the influence of colors on a man remains the same in all conditions and scenarios.

All in all, we can conclude that easily those mood colors meanings are true and they influence a person’s mood and behavior heavily. Thus, these mood colors meanings can be used for judging a person’s mood or even changing the mood of the person. For instance, if you want to cheer up a friend who is sad or depress then exposing them to a blue color might calm them down.