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Mood Bracelet Color

Mood Bracelet Color

Like mood ring color mood bracelet color also exhibit the same properties. This piece of jewelry works on the principle of change of color due to change in body temperature wearing the jewelry. The thermochromic properties of the liquid crystals encapsulated in the quartz or glass determine the change in color as body temperature changes. The color of the bracelet change as per the emotional state of your mind as the body temperature varies according to the state of mind of the person. These liquid crystals change their molecular structure on exposure to the body heat and thus absorb or reflect certain wavelength of light and thus change color.

Mood Bracelet Color Basically, it is nothing but chemical reaction at molecular level as function of heat and this change in the structure of molecules of liquid crystal change the color of the ring too. If the person is happy the energy levels are high and the body temperature rises, this causes the liquid to crystals to twist in one direction and thus wavelength and frequency of light then change causing the color to change.

Mood bracelets are expression of individual’s transparency to share personal feelings. These kind of jewelry helps one navigate one own feelings. The colors might associate to your actual mood or you could recalibrate the change. Mood bracelets as a piece of accessory connects your body to your mind and gives tips to change in your moods thus you can prepare yourself for the event.

Mood Bracelet ColorLiquid crystals are the secret; they are extremely sensitive to heat and reflect different wavelengths of lights in response to change in body temperature possessing it. The molecular change in the liquid crystals because of change in body temperature reflects different color to our eyes. The mood bracelet  can turn into several shades & colors like black, white, blue, green, purple, grey, yellow, orange, brown & amber. Each of these colors reflects different state of mind or emotion.

The legend of colors depict the following black color represents anger, stress or anxiety. White represents confusion, boredom and frustration. Grey represents stress, discomfort and anxiety. Yellow represents mood is mellow and distracted a bit anxious and cautious. Orange represents stress, nervousness, mixed emotions, confusion, upset, challenge or indignation. Brown represents nervousness restless anticipation & overload of thoughts. Amber represents surprised or anxious or nervous or upset emotion. Likewise other colors represent a depth of emotions a person experience in a lifetime.