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Mood beads

Mood beads

As reference to a story it is said that Marvin werick invented the mood ring jewelry but we don’ t have any proof for that it was in between 1930 and 1970 in which an beautiful ornamental jewelry became the talk of the market due to its unique quality of guessing the mood of the person who is wearing the jewelry first was the mood ring which was invented and was a success and fun to wear at the same time because of its fresh and unique quality, but due to more invention in jewelry now mood jewelry comes not only in mood rings but in different form like earrings, toe rings, necklaces and the most recent invention was bracelets made of beads actually history of mood jewelry had been very uncommonly interesting Mood beads.

 Mood Beads Childs

But let me inform you that it is still uncertain who exactly the inventor of mood rings was. but one story says Marvin wernick was the inventor of mood rings stories also says that he was inspired with the concept of mood rings while he was watching a doctor therapy in which a thermo tropic strip was tied to a Childs forehead during an emergency and he was amazed with the fact that strip attached to the fore head of the child changed color as per the rise and fall of the temperature of the child’s body Mood beads. Inspired by this strip therapy Marvin wernick started working on this concept with a little help from the jewelry designers he came up with a invention which was unique amazingly beautiful and entertaining at the same time and he came up with a concept of mood rings. There was also a man named Joshua Reynolds who invented the thigh master but the fact remain the same that no matter who invented the mood jewelry or the mood ring the working procedure is the same till date Mood beads.

Mood Beads of the ring

The stone of the ring can be made in two different ways first method is where liquid filled with thermo tropic crystal is filled in empty piece of glass which is place on head of the ring and the second method is a procedure where stone with clear glass is placed on a thin sheet of crystal molecule in liquid form and as it is scientifically proved that crystal always reflects light depending on the temperature of the body who is wearing the jewelry or the mood ring but the light is reflected in different wave length which helps in changing the color of the bead or the ring stone Mood beads. So it is obvious that the temperature of the body is different for every person according to the mood he is in at that period of time for example neutral green stone or bead is turned to black if the body temperature of the person drops due to lots of stress but at the same time when a person is feeling good or is very happy body temperature of the person goes higher and mood beads turn its color form green to dark blue Mood beads.


So different color on the mood beads have become the symbol through which one can assume the mind sate of the person wear in the mood jewelry due to change in colors example blue/ blue green which reflects relaxed and emotionally charged feeling, black resembles anxious, nervous, fear feeling, grey extremely nervous or scared, green is the one which resemble neutral or normal feelings but now day it differs from one company to another who manufacture the ring or the mood beads. In today world wholesales mood beads business and mood bead supplier is one of the most profitable business