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Masonic Rings

Masonic Rings

What are Masonic Rings?
In olden days, it was believed that the one who wears a masonic ring is a believer or a follower of a secret society. These rings symbolize “free masons – a person of good moral and gratitude”. Masonic rings generally bear a design of a square or compass.

Masonic Rings

A person who wears the ring is abided to follow the rules of masons. Masons were considered as a good virtue people with the quest for knowledge of life. The square scripted on the crest of the ring means “square their lives by the square virtues”. Generally a mason is preacher, protector, follower of a secret society in which he believes. A masonic ring is worn on the right hand. Today, these masonic rings are found in fingers of many people ranging from celebrities to visionaries. A person who is not a mason is not allowed to bear a masonic ring.

History behind Masonic Rings

It’s still a secret, or it’s still not known that who discovered the masonic ring. Even there is no record that when the bearing of these rings started. It is to be believed that in olden days, Signet rings similar to masonic rings were worn by kings, popes, bishops, emperors, nobleman’s, high authorities of church. The ring signified the nobility of these people in favour of humanity. This ring signified “certification” validated that the bearer is truly a person of virtues and has strong powers in the community. If someone was found to be guilty of stealing the ring, then the punishment was death. A mosanic ring is generally created without using any kind of ornament on the face. It was considered to be the “Authenticity of its owner”.

Modern Masonic RingsMasonic Rings
Nowadays the masonic rings are being treated just as an ordinary fashionable ring. The masons of today are unaware of the virtues of the masonic rings. A masonic ring has just become unnecessary in most our daily affairs and it is a bad thing. Even people having no virtues wear masonic rings.Jewelry Directory You can find modern masonic rings in different jewellery stores ranging in different prices. Even there are some costly masonic rings embedded with costly metals and jewels.

How to wear a Masonic Rings
There is no rule to wear a masonic ring but generally they are worn in the right hand. Mostly a married man wears them in the left hand in the same finger in which they wear a wedding ring. There is one custom that the square or compasses scripted on the ring must point downwards.

Fraternal Masonic RinMasonic Ringsgs
In todays world some of the masons wear the masonic ring as a symbol of loyalty and brotherhood and they feel that they are the member of the oldest secret society on the earth. Some even believes that there is a master masonic signet ring which is also called as blue lodge masonic ring. The word “Signet” signifies that the master ring is the construction of the face of the ring. For an ordinary mason it takes long period of time to get qualified for a master masonic ring. After qualifying for the master masonic ring and displaying the “Seal of Authenticity”, they can purchase and wear a master masonic signet ring.