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kate middleton ring

kate middleton ring

Ah! To have the blue blood! To have that Kate Middleton ring! The England Royal Family has taken the Blue blood thing quite literally. Apparently, they have done so in the past too and have just continued the same trend through the next generation, when Prince William got engaged with Kate Middleton.

The Kate Middleton ring is the same one which was worn by the Late Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother. Hopefully women will not look to boo this article when we say that, they try and fish out the latest fashion trend which goes on around the globe. Especially when it includes celebrities and Wedding Rings!

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring details

kate-middleton-ring1Let’s talk what really matters! The details of the Kate Middleton ring. The centre piece of the ring is the 12 carat Ceylon Sapphire. The ‘thing’ is cut in an oval shape and is surrounded by 18 small diamonds. The whole structure is set in white gold and the band is narrow strip of gold. Its cost was £28,500 when Princess Diana was given this. Now, however, the ring costs somewhere around (hold the armrests men) £250,000. This ring was chosen out of the eight, which were originally sent to Princess Diana and Prince Charles, to choose from.

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Some facts

Here are some facts about the Kate Middleton ring, which you might not have known. If you had, pass the article to your neighbor! The ring was still worn by Princess Diana, after she and Prince Charles separated and had legalized their divorce. The ring was eventually passed on to Prince Harry! Prince William, however, chose Cartier watch (favored by his mother). The Kate Middleton ring, stayed in the luggage of the prince for weeks (about 3) while the two were having a holiday in Kenya (fancy that), until he finally proposed.


Like it had done a few years back, when Princess Diana was engaged, the menace of the copying-ring-makers has returned again! Countless copies (of course, affordable ones!) are being manufactured as we type. In fact, the Kate Middleton ring already instigated one manufacturer to start making copies right from the next day the ring was shown in the television!

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring The Loose factor

To lose or not to lose, that in fact was the question in Kate Middleton’s mind! To accommodate the ring in her fingers or to actually look good or for some other hidden reason, Kate Middleton started slimming prior to her wedding. The Kate Middleton ring was apparently larger than her finger. So what she did was, she went to the jewelers and had two small beads fit on the insides of the band. She was terrified thinking if the ring slipped out from her fingers and thus took such step. But as it turns out, she did not quite slim out to fit the ring! At least her finger did not. Thus when Prince William tried to fit the ring on her finger, he had to struggle a bit. A slight red-face moment, one which the couple laughs about now! Anyway, as we come to the rear of the page, we are hopeful that many women across the globe will try and empty the pockets of their future husband and try and buy a replica of the Kate Middleton ring.