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kate middleton engagement ring

kate middleton engagement ring

One of the biggest events of the year was the marriage of Prince William with Kate Middleton and what gathered a lot of buzz was kate middleton engagement ring, as this was a 18-carat diamond and sapphire ring, which belonged to Princess Diana. You can even check kate middleton engagement ring picture online, if you have missed it.

 Only then, you will realize the magic that this ring beholds. From the day, when the first picture of this ring came out, people became crazy for this ring, and now even imitations of this ring are being sold at a high price in the market.

kate middleton engagement ring

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring replicas

You can even order a kate middleton engagement ring replica from the market, made with real diamonds. However, the magic of the original engagement ring persists. If you look at the kate middleton engagement ring picture online, then you can check out the ring with the zoom pictures. These photographs clearly show the amazing ring glittering on Kate’s fingers. The moment Kate Middleton was pictured with the oval shaped ring in wonderful blue shade, it gave rise to a buying frenzy among people for the fake replicas of the same ring.

 Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

The main features of kate middleton engagement ring include:

  • The engagement ring kate middleton got featured a white gold ring, with a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire
  • The ring is in oval shape and the sapphire is surrounded with 14 diamonds
  • The cost of this ring was valued to be £250,000 even before Diana’s death

This engagement ring turned out to be one of the biggest trend setter of the season, as many people are now on a hunt for a look alike ring similar to the ring that Prince Williams gave to Kate Middleton when her proposed her.

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring carries the ring well

kate middleton engagement ring
The demand for replicas of the kate middleton engagement ring is on the rise at a fast pace, and this shows how popular the ring is. The prince william and kate middleton engagement ring completed the whole fairy tale of this royal couple and their wedding. The ring looks good on Kate’s fingers, and the beauty with which Kate carries the ring on her fingers, shows that has turned into a royal bride now. Kate style and etiquette also makes the look perfect and the ring adds the magical touch to her personality and her complete looks.

Popularity of the original and the replicas Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

The main reasons behind the popularity of kate middleton engagement ring include:

  • The design of the ring is one of the most sought after designs
  • The ring was made by Garrard Jewelers, who are the official crown jeweler
  • The original ring was made at a price of 28,000 GBP
 The replicas of the ring that you find in the market come at fraction of the real value of the ring, as these are made with CZ and faux sapphire. Even though, you can find rings with original sapphire similar to the engagement ring, but the price is comparatively lower than the original royal ring.