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How To Take Good Care Of Sterling Silver Bracelets

STERLING SILVER BRACELETSDue to versatility and luster, it’s always easy to source silver bracelets. But, do you know the tricks for maintaining such type of jewelry? If not, then you should go through this guide. Various ways would surely help you wear silver again with its scintillating look.

Preventative care

Wearing jewelry time and again can help you avoid tarnish. The oils that seep from the skin’s surface would remove dirt and add on to its shine. Besides, removing jewelry at home should be your usual habit. While direct sunlight may cause silver to tarnish, chlorinated water or chemicals can lead to corrosion. Beauty care products like lotions, hair sprays and perfumes too accelerate tarnishing. So, it’s always a good idea to remove jewelry silver bracelets before you head for swimming or sunbathing.

As far as storage is concerned, store silver trinkets in airtight plastic bags. Stash away ornaments in separate bags or else scratches might give way to discoloration. Alternatively, you can also think about storage areas having low humidity.  To minimize tarnish, you can also stuff silica gel or a packet of activated charcoal.

Polish silver regularly even when tarnish is not that severe. While cleaning the surface, use a nonabrasive cloth or a tissue paper. Perform the task using back and forth motions. Miniscule scratches tend to develop if you would be rubbing in circles.

  •  Professional CareSterling Silver Bracelets

If you can’t spare time away from your busy routine, then you should consult an expert who is adept in cleaning trinkets. But be careful and ask him to gentle while go through the whole process. Powerful solvents can remove the anti-tarnish coating. You may flaunt with a temporary shine, but the jewelry is bound to lose its luster after cleaning it repeatedly. Be dead sure whom you’re going to visit otherwise you would end up purchasing silver jewelry again.

Never rely on homemade silver cleaners but prefer using a polishing cloth. Post cleaning with an agent, rinse sterling silver bracelets thoroughly and wipe them with a damp cloth. This is an extremely important tip because polish may harden the ornament. Once everything is done, wipe the piece with microfiber cloth to get rid of white water stains.

Some homemade solutions could really work if polishing cloth doesn’t serve the purpose.

  • Olive oil & lemon juice

A mix of half a cup lemon juice and 1 tablespoon olive oil is sufficient to polish silver. Later, remember to rinse and dry jewelry.

  •  White vinegar & baking soda

Simply soak silver jewelry in half a cup white vinegar and two tablespoon baking soda. After two to three hours, rinse the metal and dry it naturally.

  • Baking Soda, aluminum foil, salt & boiling water

Catch hold of a glass roasting pan and cover the base with aluminum foil. Afterwards, pour boiling water and add two tablespoons of salt and baking soda. Stir the solution well and wait for the chemical reaction. Within a few minutes, the tarnish would disappear. Remove the trinkets and drain into a colander.

So, give your silver jewelry a fresh look before tarnish destroys the visual appeal. You would really enjoy wearing them at different occasions.