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how do mood rings work

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I n the mid 70’s mood rings were which works as an indicator of human state of mind the need or the reason of inventing mood rings was very simple. Person has to wear the ring on the figure and it s supposed to reflect the state of emotion of the person by showing the change in the color of the ring different color have been used to define the different state of emotion of the Peron wearing the ring for example dark blue color which reflects happy , romantic and passionate feeling or state of mind but if the person is stressed or anxious the color of the mood ring changes to black as you can see mood ring indicate the change in mood of a person with the help of the change in colors of mood ring.

How Do Mood Rings Work liquid crystals

But as we know mood rings are not able to reflect or indicate the mood swing in a person with a scientific accuracy how do mood rings work?. But according to science changes in colors of the mood rinds can be explained in very simple words that colors are the indicators of the body temperature which happens due to emotional and physical reaction of the person’s body wearing the mood ring.

The stone rings which indicate the mood swing also called mood indicator are of two types first method is a process where a thermo tropic liquid is filled in a hollow glass shell and the second method is where clear glass stone is placed above thin layer of the liquid crystals the small molecule of liquid crystals are very reactive to the temperature around as they change their places or positions and even get twisted as per the changes in the temperature of the body. As we all know light travel in form of waves which gets effected due to changes in molecular structure wavelengths that gets reflected by liquid crystal results how do mood rings work?.
how do mood rings work
in change of color in the stone the stone changes its color because there is a change of position of crystal molecules due to rise in temperature of the body, the crystal molecule which are in liquid state get tilted in one direction this tilt cause the liquid crystal molecules substance to absorb green and red portions form the light which can be seen by naked eyes

as much as possible which helps reflect the blue light and because of this reason stone changes its color to dark blue which is a symbol for happy how do mood rings work?, passionate and romantic feelings and when the temperature increase or decreased crystal molecule again change their positions accordingly and reflect different color of light how do mood rings work?.

How Do Mood Rings work

how do mood rings work
the exact procedure is that inside part which touches the finger absorbs heat form the persons finger and transfer it to the liquid crystals which are placed inside the stone according to the mood ring chart the color green which reflects normal or not very good is shifted to the surface temperature of normal person wearing the mood ring which is 82 degree Fahrenheit or 28degree Celsius and if the temperature form the body surface of the figure changes from the normal degrees the liquid crystal in the stone change their colors and if the mood ring is taken off the figure it will change the color to black how do mood rings work?.