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Everything You Should Know About Mood Rings

Mood Ring Color

Regardless of the occasion, mood rings actually double the excitement and have fascinated people since many years. Since such type of jewelry pieces respond to the change in the body temperature, it’s believed that these rings give a clue about the individual’s state of mind. So, if you’re wondering on how the rings change color, then you should scroll ahead.

How do mood rings work

Liquid crystals certainly play an important role in changing color shades. As they get exposed to heat, the crystals would start shimmering with different shades. Different wavelengths are associated with light and every wavelength is perceived as a different color. Ahead, the position actually decides which wavelengths have been absorbed and reflected back. It is owing to this reason it seems that the stone is about to change the color.

Whenever a person is behaving quite differently, it’s found that the mood affects the body temperature. If the individual is happy about an incident, then the body becomes warm and the veins contribute towards the increase in temperature. Besides observing a change in the facial expression, the extra warmth turns the color of the mood ring to blue. Extreme temperatures can saturate the color shade and make it purple. On the other hand, whenever the person is nervous or worried about something, the moisture from the skin’s surface evaporates slowly and leads to a decrease in the body temperature. While some people might call the condition as clammy, this may not be the case at that instance. Instead, the mood ring becomes sensitive to the change and the liquid crystals arrange themselves in a different way. Therefore, light color shades are reflected in the spectrum. Generally, the color may vary from amber to green.

In absence of heat, the stone becomes black. This is the color shade you may observe when someone is simply wearing the ring. To check out the transformation, the ring should be exposed to natural light or some other sources that radiate heat.

Messages associated with the shades

  • BlackMood Ring
  • When the liquid crystals reflect black, you can figure out that the person is either tense about something or stressed after a busy day. Black can also signify that the person has worked more than his or her usual capacity.

  • Brown
  • If you observe brown as the mood ring color, then you can perceive that the person is nervous. He or she might also be overwhelmed due to restlessness and a mindset that something is going to happen. If thoughts are running in the person’s mind, then the mood ring is sure to boast a different color shade.

  • Amber / Gold
  • As far as amber is concerned, the person might have many emotions in her mind. It could either be due to a surprise or when she is nervous or disappointed about something.

  • Red
  • Just as red is related to love, a red mood ring might denote that the person has become energetic. Well, that’s not all, rather than being passionate about a romantic meet-up, the color may also mean that the person is actually angry.

If you don’t have the time to visit the market, then try buying a mood ring online. An array of options would always help you scope out the right option at the right price.