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Everything You Should Know About Masonic Rings

Masonic RingsIf you’re planning to buy a masonic ring, then it implies that you are a member of Freemason. This refers to a group that was formed on 24th June 1717. It was at that point of time four London lodges gathered together to set up the Grand Lodge of England. On the other hand, some claim that masons hailed from ancient Egypt. Certain etiquettes are sought when someone is wearing a ring of a mason. So, here’s the true meaning of the ring, and the rules for wearing them.

Meaning of masonic rings

A masonic ring is based on numerous concepts of the freemasonic. The circular zone epitomizes the ‘eternity of the circle’. Such nature represents the relationship of the mason. In the similar fashion, wedding rings enhance the bond between two individuals. The ring also signifies authenticity and the member’s commitment to the fraternity. As for the background colors, red represents the Grand Lodge in Scotland while blue is reminiscent of the Grand Lodge in England. Apart from these, a person can also find rings set in gold, purple, black and white.

If the ring has a square, then it means that an individual should be honest with others. He or she should forget unimportant things and should concentrate on his or her accomplishments. The centrally located alphabet ‘G’ denotes god or geometry.

Rules for wearing rings

  • Since inception, masons have laid down rules for wearing a masonic ring.
  • Every mason is not eligible to wear the ring. The person can only wear the piece once he has cleared third grade. More than just being a rule, this is one of the traditions that households have been following.
  • Usually, the ring is worn on the third finger of the right hand. People are not allowed to wear it in any hand unless they are advised to do so. At one instance, a person can never wear many rings. He or she has no other option other than wearing one ring.
  • It’s essential to maintain the sanctity of the ring. A person can’t inherit and wear someone else’s ring. This is never the situation even when you’re wearing the ring in memory of an individual who has passed away.
  • Ideally, the compass of the masonic ring shouldn’t be near to the eyes. Such a position helps for expressing feelings in the right way. Besides the ring, masons may also opt for showing acknowledgment in many different ways.

How to purchase the ring

Masonic RingsDepending on the needs, a person can go for a set of rings or pieces sold separately. The price can increase if you select custom-made options. Antique masonic rings are generally available in gold or silver. Members feel proud when the relationship is proclaimed through the ring.
Finally, if the price tag doesn’t matter, you can select a Masonic signet ring, Scottish rite ring, or shrine ring. Every piece is distinct and flaunts with a unique design.