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Engagement Ring Trends You Can Perceive In 2018

If you are one among contemporary women and wish to flaunt a unique engagement ring, then you could go through plenty of options. Right from colorful stones to vintage-inspired designs, we have learned about what is popular in jewelry. So, to make shopping easy, you could go through the most popular engagement ring trends.

Rose Gold

There are many reasons why rose gold rings are gaining popularity. While the pink shade is suitable for all skin tones, the ring is studded with small jewels across the circumference.

Colorful Diamonds

If you are looking for something that’s not traditional, then colorful diamonds should be your choice. Rings with yellow and pink colored diamonds actually look beautiful and shimmer even when you are in a crowd. Try a mood stone ring if you wish to show off style in your ways.

Colorful gems

If you are planning to buy a ring with a gemstone in the center, then you could select something else apart from diamonds. An alternative to pink and yellow diamonds could be sapphires while rubies radiate a vintage vibe. A color-change effect could be experienced by a ring that boasts an alexandrite.

Floral accents

As time rolled by, jewelers have drawn the inspiration from flowers that blossom in the spring season. So if you want to enhance the appeal and add a whimsical touch, then you should prefer a floral-inspired halo.

Square Bands

Engagement rings with square bands are something far different than the ones with round bands. Apart from being comfortable, these don’t pinch even when they are worn for a long time.

Vintage-inspired designs

If you need to consider a ring with art deco flair, then you must take a cue from vintage-inspired trends. As the heirloom quality seems glamorous and timeless, you would never go wrong in purchasing such kinds of designs.

Scrollwork Settings

Stunning yet traditional, the rings with scrollwork settings appear magnificent. Once you wear it on different occasions, the jewelry piece is sure to evoke a different kind of feeling.

Double Shanks

There’s nothing as better as a band of diamonds. While these look much more beautiful, a different feel augments the beauty of the ring. But, you should check the price because such trinkets can be expensive than you had thought about.

Twisted Bands

Whether you go for twisted shanks or twisted band, such rings are sure to grab the attention. As the trend complements the simple setting, you would be happy wearing the ring for a social gathering.


Finally, a sophisticated touch could be added to your style, when you go for something with an ornate look. You are sure to flatter in front of the mirror when it’s time for the special occasion.

If you hardly have the time to visit the nearest jewelry shop, then you could go through a collection showcased on online portals.