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engagement rings for women

Every year, a woman looks for style and trend. So, as you prepare yourself for 2018, minimalist styles with the focus on the natural gemstone prevail to be the talk of the town. Whether it’s oval, round or cushion, the simple settings actually look stunning along with the color. Still searching for the perfect engagement ring? Then here’s what would be popular season after season.

Simple Solitaries

When you consider the engagement ring for your adorable darling, then minimalist designs would certainly one among the favorite trinkets. There’s nothing that can beat the timeless design in which the natural stone is beautifully set with platinum or gold bands. For that extra sparkle, bands studded with small diamonds would really look magnificent for that special day.


While a round cut diamond studded ring is the number one choice, ovals would soon be sold at the jewelry shops. Owing to the elegant shape, the trinket adds a twist and makes the jewelry piece look even more stunning. The elongated shape would make the fingers look slender. While these look great with or without halos, think differently with the east-west setting. If an oval-cut diamond ring is what you prefer to buy, then check for the length-to-width ratio.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is surely gaining popularity in the year 2018. No matter what the skin tone might be, the color shade always looks good. Many of these rings are alternatives to the conventional white gold or platinum. If rose gold is what the girl doesn’t prefer, then accents around the centrally located diamonds add on to the feminine feel.

Vintage Inspired

Since the past years, vintage-inspired jewelry pieces have gradually been showcased in the market. Right from art décor to Victorian, the designs exude style and give a different feel. It’s because these reasons why the ring is the most popular choice. Additionally, the designs are intricately done, they are trendy and would never become outdated.


If you wish to go back to the old Hollywood glamour, the cushion cut ,in particular, has become really popular as far as the diamond’s shape is concerned. Considering the look of a round as well as a princess cut natural stone, the cushion still boasts a classic feel. Soon, you would observe the style especially when engagement rings for women would be accentuated with a halo.


If you want your mate to flaunt a royal trend, then rings studded with shimmering sapphires is what you can purchase. While diamonds are the standard stones, every girl is sure to love the alternative. The blue, classy stone is the best choice if you desire to add color to the ring. You can request the jeweler to set the stone in the center or add small sapphires to complement it with diamond as the center stone.

Unique stone shapes

Unlike those traditional designs, more brides are opting for a shape that’s slightly different. As compared to the classic round stone, the angular shape / shield cut is something that girls would fall in love with.

Finally, eternity bands would soon be tagged as the blinged-out bands. Besides offering bling, these are suitable for the brides who turn their attention away as they are uncomfortable with the height of the solitaire.