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Engagement Ring Bands

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Seeking an inexpensive and beautiful engagement ring bands is important as a man should propose his fiancé-to-be with a beautiful engagement ring. Although there is not a minimum price set on the ring, you should not withhold on this and is suggested to cost generally your 3 month salary. Buying the engagement ring bands can be relatively costly and could easily cost you a few years of savings. Even so, there’s no motive for you trying to seek for an affordable alternative. When it comes to this special occasion, diamond rings are the best you can get in term of beauty. To get the most value out of a diamond ring, you have to appreciate the 4 important components that will affect the price which is also identified as the 4 C’s. This is the cut, carat, clarity and color of the diamond.

First, set a budget that you are willing to spend contentedly. Don’t stretch yourself too thin till you have difficulties paying it. You can check out the standard prices that you are willing to spend and see the type of ring inside that budget. Get to know the different designs and styles that are available as these designs can include a big pricing difference too.

After this, you have to believe the ring that your partner will like. Asking advice from her close friends and relatives will help you much in decide the right engagement ring bands. Bring them to the jewelry shop and look at the various options that are available within your finances. Remember the collection that you’ve made and see if it’s accessible online as getting it online is often cheaper.

Remember that choosing engagement ring bands will take you a number of times as there are a lot of factors that come into place. The additional effort that you put into this, the higher chance that you will find the great ring for her.

Buying your engagement ring needs reflection more than whether to buy diamond or other jewels such as cobalt or ruby. There is also the ring situation as well as the engagement ring bands which also require detailed consideration.

Yellow gold is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to engagement ring bands. It’s the most accepted selection as gold dominates the market with its stable prices. Now, there are also ring bands that are complete from white gold, silver, platinum and titanium which prove to be a popular alternative too. It’s better to consider the options that are accessible to you in order to choose the right ring.


Gold is the most fashionable choice for diamond engagement ring bands. Gold comes with different grade with the “24 carat gold” being the most untainted grade. Pure gold is soft and therefore, it’s not suitable in creation an engagement ring bands. Popular gold choices are essentially the 18 carat gold, 14 carat gold and the 9 carat gold. These are equipment that are made of the combination of gold and other metal alloy to display the attractive gold color and the hardness of the other materials.

Getting one made of platinum is a good substitute option. Stronger and rare, it’s more expensive in gold. Getting platinum is appropriate for you if you like the color of silver and are prone to sensitive to. If the price tag of a platinum engagement ring is not in your finances, do consider getting a white gold. White gold is half the cost of platinum and can be a good alternate for platinum.

Men with tight budgets should get a silver engagement ring as it’s in actuality cost-effective. It’s normally bought with simple and plain design due to the acerbic nature of silver. As the quality of silver is lower than the other materials, it’s advisable to get a silver band with spotlessness of 92.5% and above. Lower silver content are less durable and not worth the speculation in the long run.

Titanium is also identified as the “space age metal”. It’s stronger than gold, more sturdy than silver and lighter than platinum. Titanium is a fantastic selection for those who are on a budget but would like to have a lasting and attractive engagement ring bands for their associate.