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Different Types Of Bracelets Women Love Wearing

Women Bracelets

When you’re getting ready for a social event, bracelets always make you the center of attraction. While queens and eminent women have considered the trinket more than a fashion accessory, today, ladies still continue following the tradition.

Bangle Bracelets
Owing to its versatility and price, bangle bracelets have become popular nowadays. Women mix and match the jewelry piece as these can easily be slipped over the wrist. These are now worn by individuals of all age groups. They could either be celebrities, youngsters or college girls. The rigid rings boast style and signature of their own.

Charm Bracelets

Popular among little girls, charm bracelets are crafted from gold, stainless steel or sterling silver. While every piece has its significance, many women don’t have to buy a collection. This is because the jewelry shop offers embellishments apt for style and theme. If it’s a smart-casual look that you want to reflect, then tribal charm bracelets feature designs made from beads, leather, metal, natural stones, and wood.

Cuff BraceletsWomen Bracelets

Though simple in its appearance, cuff bracelets are one of the unique bracelets for women. These have an opening to make it easier to slide for a comfy fit. You would always make it for a beautiful appearance because you can choose from an array of styles and designs.

Tennis Bracelets

Featuring a row of diamonds or crystals, a tennis bracelet is nothing but a flexible wrist band. The jewelry piece spells the customs of Chris Evert who used to wear the piece during tennis matches. Depending on the quality, a diamond tennis bracelet may not fit in your budget. These are tagged with a price between one hundred and hundred thousand dollars.

Pearl Bracelets

Since the ancient eras, pearl bracelets have always been a must-have accessory for every woman. The demand is high because of the shiny effect and the traditional setting. If these pieces are your choice, then you should be careful with your selection. As compared to its counterparts, antique pearls tend to dry out and lose their luster. You would always observe different types in addition to bracelets shimmering with natural pearls.

Turquoise Bracelets

Turquoise bracelets have always been admired due to its natural color shades. The blue-green natural mineral has been encrusted much before the times of Columbus. Moreover, women have enjoyed wearing western turquoise bracelets whenever they have good times at parties.

Leather Bracelets

Way different from the rest, leather bracelets are surely alternatives to metallic ones. Such fashion accessories have been popular among young girls. Today, individuals love choosing these trinkets since they are relatively light and inexpensive. From bands studded with rhinestones to hand-tooled cuffs, zillions of options can be thought about.

Beaded Bracelets

These bracelets can be bought within your budget because non-mineral objects are strung all across the string. It could either be a row of gemstones, coffee beans, jade, turquoise or pearls. Besides the conventional ribbons or leather straps, beaded bracelets have metal clasps.

If you don’t have the time to visit local outlets then you can shop through many online portals. You would actually score incredible deals from the showcase of bracelets.