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How Does a Mood Ring Work?

Mood Rings Color

Mood rings have been in vogue since 1970s, most common among teenagers. The way mood rings function is based on the body temperature, i.e. as the body changes its temperature the ring changes its color. Mood rings function on the basis of our body temperature; the liquid crystal present in the mood rings moves when the body changes its temperatures and this fluctuates the light that is r eflected and this causes the ring to change its color.

Mood Ring ColorMood ring is a jewelry; specifically a ring that supposedly alters its color according to the state of mind of an individual wearing it. The term mood ring was coined by two visionaries Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats who invented mood ring by bonding liquid crystals and quartz stone into rings almost 30 years ago in 1975. Mood rings contain thermo chro...

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Gold Rings for Women


Simple but stylish ornament can make a big difference in your look. It does not only enhance the appearance but also earns you beautiful compliments. Gold rings are one of these dazzlers that can add glittering spark in your glamor.

You can shop ornate traditional gold rings online that match your ethnic outfit especially worn on special occasions. Besides, delicate and simple gold rings for women are also available for everyday wear.

How to Choose Rings for Women?

Karat’s System


To make the best choice you must need to understand the “Karat” system. Karat is kind of measurement usually used to determine the level of purity of gold.

24 karat gold is consider to be the purest form of gold...

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Gold diamond rings

Gold diamond rings

Gold diamond rings is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married specially in western culture. In western countries, engagement rings are worn only by women’s and rings feature is diamonds. In other culture men and women wear matching rings. Engagement ring is also use to wedding rings. The women’s ring is presented as a engagement gift by a man to his prospective while he proposes marriage or directly after he accept marriage proposal.

Gold diamond rings Asking to someone to marry you a choosing that is symbol of love and commitment to each other daunting task. Gold ring is a right for your life style. Although ancient are sometimes having invented the engagement ring. Gold ring is small decorative items worn for personal usage like rings...

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Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver jewelries have been a staple in the lives of numerous individuals since people uncovered the flexibility of silver and its few employments. Silver has been utilized for proficient and creative purposes. One of the reasons sterling silver jewelry is so well known is its affordability and versatility. Reasons sterling silver can be created into various jewelry items including charms, rings and chains. Silver jewelry is regularly mixed up for other all the more valuable metals including white gold and platinum. Sterling is a mixture of fine silver and other metal alloys. The silver is considered around 92.5% pure. Sterling is generally combined with roughly 7.5% copper to make the gems all the more enduring and solid...

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rose color meanings

Mood necklace

What are antique masonic rings These are worn by free masons. A mason is a person of virtues and good deeds, a person who is a follower or believer of a secret society. A masonic as a design of a square and a compass, and there is also a star embedded between the compasses. A masonic ring is worn on the right hand.

What can the color of a Rose Color Meanings?

The color of a Rose can and does speak more than it should. There are a number of rose color meanings for almost every color of rose available on the planet. Not just color of the rose, the number of roses made into a bunch too signifies a lot of things. But we are here to discuss only the color bit of the story...

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White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring


If you decide for a classic and traditional look on an engagement ring you can opt for a diamond with a gold band. But to add a modest wind to it, you can choose a white gold diamond engagement ring.White gold is actually the result of an alloy that is added with a white metal. This metal may be palladium or nickel and this give it the white and slight yellow tinge to it.

Like gold, white gold is also considered in carats. The best carat for construction a diamond engagement ringis 18 carat white gold which is collective with palladium, meanwhile a 14 carat white gold will not have the enough potency to hold precious stones thus; it can be used for other types of jewelry like for basic bracelets, rings or pendants.

To achieve a glowing color for a diamond ring, the band is enclosed with a ...

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Pearl rings

platinum engagement rings

Pearl rings are all the rage and pearl rings are straight up there with the most asked for jewelry. With the different pearl sizes, colors and designs and in addition valuable metals, it is extremely unlikely that you would turn out badly with these types of rings. From one pearl to various pearls, every ring states excellent style in a mixed of colors. No matter of in the event that it is saltwater a pearl ring is a tasteful present for the woman in your life. There is the same number of excellent ring designs for one that has a pearl on it that the variety is decent to consider.

Pearl rings come in various colors and various measurements for the pearl itself. The pearls themselves too come in distinctive shapes too...

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Halo Engagement Rings


Engagement is an exceptionally unique event in a lady’s life and she needs her engagement ring to be no not as much as great. Diamond Halo Engagement Rings are amazingly famous with youthful ladies today. This outline of rings has a central stone which is encompassed by littler stones, making a halo. The side stones make the centre stone seem greater and all the more sparkling. The inside stone can be a jewel or whatever other gemstone. The state of the middle stone differs from round or square to rectangle. Halo Engagement Rings are accessible in a scope of appealing outlines and are viewed as best for brides who lean toward a substantial ring for their special day. Many celebrities like Katie Underwood and Kate Middleton have selected this design in recent years.
Halo Engagement Rings
Halo engagement ring se...

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Mother’s rings


All years round our mother take care of our needs and happiness then 1 gift for your mother. In our country Every second Sunday of may we can celebrate mother day so you can give you your mother appreciation gift like ring and special way to show your care and what she means to you. Each of us knows a woman whose intense impact has shaped our lives who taught us to walk, to speak, to laugh, to strive, to love. So we search for some way to thank her for all the ways she has given from herself to shape us into the individuals we are.
Mother’s rings
Mother’s rings Jewelry is one of the most liked accessories in any woman’s wardrobe and your mom is no exception. Every woman loves jewelry, yet all have different tastes and preferences...

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Sterling silver rings for women

Emerald engagement rings

Sterling silver rings for women there are many different types of sterling silver rings available for women. These deluxe rings offer both quality and magnificence to the person that adorns with them. Throughout history people put their appearance as a priority need. Sterling silver rings for women absolutely in mind the end goal to compliment our general appearance, we often turn to accessories we regularly turn to jewelry. Many individuals have found that sterling rings not only provide them with the look that they desire, but that they are high in quality, however that they are high in quality, and last a lot of time.
Sterling silver rings for women
When evaluating sterling rings for women that are designed for women, you will quickly find that the overall elegance associated with these rings stems from the natural b...

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