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Different Types Of Bracelets Women Love Wearing

Women Bracelets

When you’re getting ready for a social event, bracelets always make you the center of attraction. While queens and eminent women have considered the trinket more than a fashion accessory, today, ladies still continue following the tradition.

Bangle Bracelets
Owing to its versatility and price, bangle bracelets have become popular nowadays. Women mix and match the jewelry piece as these can easily be slipped over the wrist. These are now worn by individuals of all age groups. They could either be celebrities, youngsters or college girls. The rigid rings boast style and signature of their own.

Charm Bracelets

Popular among little girls, charm bracelets are crafted from gold, stainless steel or sterling silver...

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Fashion Trends You Can Try With All Sorts Of Rings


If you wish to look stylish all year round, then you need to shop for the necessary pieces. It’s somewhat similar to chef who gathers a potpourri of ingredients before starting off with the recipe. But you can’t follow the same tip when it comes to rings. Quite obvious, girls have a different taste and an obsession of various fashion trends. So, to set yourself apart, you need to look further. Consider these ways and add on to your ensemble.

  • For a countryside or boho-inspired look, think about silver rings. These could be set in different shapes but don’t forget to match chunkier pieces with delicate style. Alternatively, you can also try antique bohemian mood rings. These are made from bronze with filigree design as its prominent feature.
  • Reflect a new look by sliding heavy ri...
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Different Types Of Silver Bracelets You Can Always Shop

Silver Bracelets

Since ages, silver bracelets have always be an addition to people’s wardrobe. The trend of wearing such pieces has become more popular when it’s time to adorn for occasions. It offers charm while they are intricately designed for men and women. So, help you pick the best one, we have listed some types that are readily available.

Turquoise Bracelets

Handmade with turquoise, such bracelets are festooned with sliver hooks all across the circumference. They can be enameled with different colors to lend a classic yet simple look. Whatever might be the occasion, you can wear these pieces whenever you wish to.

Wiccan Charm Bracelets

For an extraordinary look, you can select from different styles when you go shopping for Wiccan charm bracelets...

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How To Take Good Care Of Sterling Silver Bracelets

STERLING SILVER BRACELETSDue to versatility and luster, it’s always easy to source silver bracelets. But, do you know the tricks for maintaining such type of jewelry? If not, then you should go through this guide. Various ways would surely help you wear silver again with its scintillating look.

Preventative care

Wearing jewelry time and again can help you avoid tarnish. The oils that seep from the skin’s surface would remove dirt and add on to its shine. Besides, removing jewelry at home should be your usual habit. While direct sunlight may cause silver to tarnish, chlorinated water or chemicals can lead to corrosion. Beauty care products like lotions, hair sprays and perfumes too accelerate tarnishing. So, it’s always a good idea to remove jewelry silver bracelets before you head for swimming or sunbathing.

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Mood Bracelet Color

Mood Bracelet Color

Like mood ring color mood bracelet color also exhibit the same properties. This piece of jewelry works on the principle of change of color due to change in body temperature wearing the jewelry. The thermochromic properties of the liquid crystals encapsulated in the quartz or glass determine the change in color as body temperature changes. The color of the bracelet change as per the emotional state of your mind as the body temperature varies according to the state of mind of the person. These liquid crystals change their molecular structure on exposure to the body heat and thus absorb or reflect certain wavelength of light and thus change color.

Mood Bracelet Color Basically, it is nothing but chemical reaction at molecular level as function of heat and this change in the structure of molecules of liquid crys...

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Sterling Silver Bracelets


Are gold jewelry not within your reach? Don’t worry, sterling silver jewelry is the best option for you and comes in your budget as well. Especially, sterling silver bracelets are getting more attention due to of its modish designs available in the market.

Plethora of options are available in silver bracelets such as;


Traditional or open link bracelets are famous among women.It can be worn on special occasions and festive celebrations as well.

European Style

European style bracelets are also known as solid link bracelets. Usually such bracelets are smaller in diameter but gives elegant look to wearer. It can be customized with an addition of brightly colored beads to have richer look.

Italian Style


If you are used to wear jewelry according to your outfits then Italian ...

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Mood Words

Mood Words

Mood words are generally written for writing a poem or a literature. It is very essential to decide in the beginning itself what kind of words you need to use for maintaining the flow of the literature. These are nothing but the words which suits and fulfills the demand of the literature. There are various words to describe mood. It can be positive as well as negative.

The Mood Words to describe mood

The words to describe mood depends on the situation. If you are writing a poem, the words use to describe mood will surely depend on the theme of the poem. These may be playful, optimistic, peaceful, Peaceful, nightmarish, welcoming, hostile etc. These are some of the words that describe mood. While writing a literature, you always have to make sure about using these...

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Mood beads

Mood beads

As reference to a story it is said that Marvin werick invented the mood ring jewelry but we don’ t have any proof for that it was in between 1930 and 1970 in which an beautiful ornamental jewelry became the talk of the market due to its unique quality of guessing the mood of the person who is wearing the jewelry first was the mood ring which was invented and was a success and fun to wear at the same time because of its fresh and unique quality, but due to more invention in jewelry now mood jewelry comes not only in mood rings but in different form like earrings, toe rings, necklaces and the most recent invention was bracelets made of beads actually history of mood jewelry had been very uncommonly interesting Mood beads.

 Mood Beads Childs

But let me inform you that it is still uncertain...

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Mood Bracelet

Mood Bracelet

It is a very well-known fact that it is a human nature to feel good at expressing their selves. However, there are people who find it extremely difficult to express their feelings into words. Thus, misunderstandings between people tend to grow rather rapidly. This can be really a harmful thing for most of the relations. And most of the relation will be recover by charm gift. You may give gift of gold tennis bracelet, silicone bracelets, or diamond bracelet. Because diamond bracelet jewelry is one of the best interested things of women.

mood bracelet different

It can be overcome somehow, only by expressing oneself or a mutual understanding between the two people should be as strong as telepathy itself, which is highly unlikely...

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Mood Bracelet Color Meanings

Mood Bracelet Color Meanings

Just like any other mood jewelry,Mood Bracelets are becoming very famous day by day. There is certain mood bracelet color meanings associated to them that shows what kind of a mood is the wearer of that bracelet is in. However, mood bracelet color meanings are in control of the wearer since the color of the mood bracelet does not change automatically. Instead, you can wear any color bracelet and show mood bracelet color meanings according to your own desire. So your friends or fieancee know when you are in happy mood and give you diamond bracelet or gold bracelet in gift.

Therefore, if you are feeling stressed or depressed and do not want to joke around with people and you do not like to talk about it, then all you need to do is wear a black mood bracelet and the mood bracelet color meanin...

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