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Silver marcasite rings

Silver marcasite rings

Marcasite is getting tremendous fame alongside silver for variety of designs in the jewelry industry. There are more and more jewelry design coming up with the passage of time made up with combination of silver and marcasite. There is all type of jewelries available in the market in the form of bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles and etc. Therefore, silver marcasite rings are considered as one of the most perfect blends of elements to form beautifully crafted rings. More and more designs are coming that has changed the traditions of the old in the jewelry industries containing silver marcasite rings.

silver marcasite rings

silve-marcasite1There are plenty of reasons that have made the women mold towards buying silver marcasite rings rather than the gold rings. First of all, the shine that silver marcas...

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Promise ring for girlfriend

Masonic Rings

What is promise rings? When a boy gets engaged with a girl, they exchange rings with each other expressing their love and promise ring for girlfriend for each other.

 The Meaning of promise rings signifies a promise to someone you care, you love. It can be gifted to anyone for example: your friend, girlfriend, any good relative. Exchanging of promise rings is a very old tradition with a few implications and meanings.

If you want to give a gift to your girlfriend then what it could be better than a nice promise ring. It could be made up of any jewel, but the most preferable is a diamond. Girls love diamond the most. By gifting a diamond promise ring to your girlfriend you are making a strong commitment of love and staying together with each other forever...

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What is a promise ring

Marcasite Rings

This question must be in mind of many people what is a promise ring? Well, the answer is very simple. A promise is a sign of commitment. A promise ring is given to a person whom you love the most and want to spend the rest of life with that person. Traditionally, it is always a man who gives a promise ring to women and till date it is not been heard that any women have given a promise ring to a man. Though, every person thinks differently and has own opinion about this promise ring. Other than commitment, the promise ring signifies to be truthful all his life or a promise ring can also be given as a promise for changing the wrong attitude and living a life with good behavior What Is Promise Ring?. There are different meanings of giving such promise ring...

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Men Engagement Rings

mood ring

Men’s engagement rings gain much attractiveness after the rise of double ring ceremonies, during World War 2. Today, men’s engagement rings are the hottest trend amongst new couples. These beautiful rings are worn as a token of devotion and assurance.

Men’s engagement rings represent their forthcoming marriage. Often, men’s engagement rings are worn on the left ring handle, until the wedding day. Some men carry engagement rings even after marriage.

Men’s engagement rings chosen must competition the undergo and style of the person wearing them. They need to be more strong, light, and sturdy than women’s engagement rings. Men’s engagement rings are available in white or yellow gold, silver, platinum, or titanium...

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Gold Bracelets

Solitaire engagement ring

Men’s gold bracelets are put on as a style proclamation by some men to reflect their style. A few fellows wear it as a status image to reflect their riches & still others wear it to underscore their masculinity. Though arm ornaments for men are promptly accessible in numerous differing metals like Silver, Sterling Silver, Stainless steel, Titanium, Tungsten and so on. Men’s gold bracelets are more famous for a considerable not many explanations.
Gold Bracelets
Gold has been established all from beginning to end time as a expensive metal.

Gold is an honorable metal and does not respond with generally substances. Therefore, a men’s wrist trinket in gold does not lose its gleam and might be made to look great as new with ordinary cleaning or polishing...

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Design Your Engagement Rings

Mood ring color chart
 A wedding or engagement is one of the most favorable days of one’s life and every person wants to make them special in one or the other system The main focus of engagement day remainder the completely made rings and they become even more special if they are made with the accompaniments of intricately carved solitaires to form mesmerizing diamond engagement rings. The market is full of traditional, gothic, modern, ethnic and sober ring designs which have been impress couples for ages. But people have made changes to their preference by opting of unique styles and patterns of wedding rings that represent the beginning of the new journey of their life and also express feelings of couples towards each other.

design-your-engagement-rings-1You can get your engagement rings finished in the forms of simple studded diamonds o...

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Titanium Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Wedding rings are frequently designed to merge with the engagement ring after the wedding. Engagement rings are similar to wedding rings except for that they customarily have a diamond setting. Sometimes another expensive stone is used, but diamonds are used nearly everyone often. Titanium engagement rings are a unique alternative to traditional engagement rings. They merge the classic beauty of the usual engagement ring with the benefits of the titanium ring. Titanium engagement rings come in many different colors and shape and can usually be customized to fit the buyer’s requirements. Titanium engagement rings range in price from around $400 to over $3000.


The diamond or other stone is most often set in the ring using tension settings...

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Diamond Rings and Engagement Rings

mood ring

The giving of Engagement Rings is one of the most permanent recollections of your relationship. Not only are they an important element of attractive married, but they are also a long lasting symbol of your love and assurance to each other. Therefore, it is important to choose jewellery that is timeless and high excellence.

There are many ways to choose engagement rings. Since she’ll be exhausting it for the rest of her life, you’ll want to make sure you get it right. One option is to proposition without an engagement ring, and then go to pick it out collectively. While this is a sure way to know that she’ll like the ring, some people feels this is less romantic than the traditional method of in receipt of down on one knee’...

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Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Silver marcasite rings

Gold is actually one of the the majority famous and first metal known to man. It’s name is derivative from the Latin word “aurum” which literally means spotless dawn.

Historically, gold is used in transactions like barter or to establish the value of something it is considered in gold. It is also used in making expensive metals like coins or money, artifacts, jewelry and even integrated in some art works.


Today, gold is incorporated in many modern industry like electronics and dentistry. Because of the acquiescent, yielding, soft, dense and shiny quality of this metal, it is preferential in making accessories and jewelries particularly for making a gold diamond ring.

The color varies from intense yellow to dull yellow depending on the type of metal that is added to it to make a just right...

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Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings

Honesty is the best policy, as long as your fiance know this and she is alright with this then goes ahead. I find it really extraordinary that a clarity enhanced diamond could be graded a VS 2 that is not possible! The diamond should still have a cert! That’s my first concern. Diamonds have grading certificates for a reason, YOUR PROTECTION! Accuracy is significant to the beauty and value of your precious stone. Usually to bother attractive a stone the clarity or inclusions have to be good-looking visible.

Thus they drill holes to the flaws and peroxide out the dark inclusions and usually fill the holes or large inclusions that break the outside up with a compatible material. The only problem is that this makes the diamond unsteady you can’t work on the ring...

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