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Carrie under wood engagement ring

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A ring that has made quiet newsEngagements and engagement rings are always special for the betrothed couple. So, no matter whether, you are a simple person or a hot celebrity likes Carrie Underwood Carrie under wood engagement ring, you would choose something for that special day. When American idol Carrie Underwood got engaged to Mike Fisher, the hockey star, it was the special diamond engagement ring which made more news than the special event. In fact fans all over the world went gaga over the engagement ring. carrie under wood engagement ring was designed by Jonathan Arndt , the famous jewelry designer Carrie under wood engagement ring . This ring ahs been in news ever since and more and more people are trying to get such special types of designer rings for their engagements.

 carrie under wood engagement ring Designer rings and their specialties

carrie-underwood-engagement-ringAll of us know that celebrities are always in the news for the type of clothes they wear, the type of jewelry that adorns them. Usually most celebrities prefer to wear designer clothes and designer jewelry like Carrie Underwood. This ring is supposed to be costing $150,000. According to sources, carrie underwood engagement ring is a 5 cart ring with a flawless yellow diamond in the centre and white sparkling stones on its all sides. Designer jewelry is well known for its unique style Carrie under wood engagement ring, use of precious metals and gemstones etc. Now days more and more people around the world prefer designer jewelry as they reflect an individual character Carrie under wood engagement ring.

 carrie under wood engagement ring and designer engagement ring

black-diamond-engagement-ring4Engagement rings are one of the best-loved and hottest selling pieces of jewelry now days. If you are looking for a designer engagement ring for that special day, you can easily get one. There are many jewelry designers who have their boutiques online. You can even log on to their sites and choose a special ring like carrie under wood engagement ring. In fact such rings would really cost a fortune. If you can afford it, you can really go for special rings like this Carrie under wood engagement ring.

Some quick facts on diamonds and diamond jewelryBuying a designer ring like carrie under wood engagement ring may look easy for you, though it may cost a fortune. But there are many things which you should consider while you buy diamond jewelry. A good diamond can be recognized by its special features.

  • Cut of the diamond: Most people prefer round diamond cut. Some other cuts available in diamonds are the princess, emerald, oval, cushion, princess etc.
  • Clarity: This quality determines the cost of the diamond. Whenever you shop for diamonds make sure to ask for diamonds with clarity
  • Carat: go for stones which have more carats. the more carats the diamond have , the more expensive it is

There are different styles available in the diamond jewelry. Usually the round brilliant cut diamond ring has about 58 facets. Choose a ring which suits your fingers. For .a woman with long fingers, a diamond engagement ring with a princess cut would be an ideal one. On the other hand, an oval style engagement ring would suit more for a woman with short hands. So try to go for a ring like carrie under wood engagement ring and make your engagement day a special one.