What Does Blue Mean On A Mood Ring | Mood RIngs Colors Meanings

Blue, green, and purple mood ring

Blue, green, and purple mood ring

All the credit goes to a man name Joshua Reynolds who was the one who discover the mood rings in the mid of 70’s which eventually become a craze among the people for all the different reasons but among the different reason to like they came in different size and shape which enhanced the beauty of your finger the most appealing reason was that color of the mood ring were supposed to change according to the persons mood.but according to science or in scientific way it was suppose to change color according to the body temperature of the person and help to determine the mind state he is in at that period of time.

There is also a color chart which helps to indicate the mood swing of a person Blue Green Purple Mood Ring. different color indicate different state of mood a person might be in the given frame of time for example blue color indicates that the person who is wearing it is calm relaxed loveable mode ,green indicates that person is normal, purple color indicates clarity and sensual feeling of a person , black color reflects that he might be tensest, nervous , harassed or over worked, gray color indicates anxieties, nervousness or strained feelings, amber color indicates mixed emotions like unsettled, nervous and color at the same time.


blue green purple mood ring color sensor

Mood ring blue is like a sensor or indicator which describes the state of mind of the person who is calm and in relaxed mood rings usually work with the body temperature and help us detect the mood swings by showing the color changes. Dark blue colors reflect more intense feeling like Passion, Romance, love feeling of being very happy as compare to mood ring blue as it also work on the same theory of increase and decrease of body temperatures blue green purple mood ring.

Mood ring green or what does green mean on a mood ring? It actually reflects a normal condition of a person who is not under great stress or feeling just average. This indicator help a person to detect his body conditions and helps to maintain them before he become to hyper or too depressed. There is blue-green colored mood ring which indicate that persons inner emotions are charged and somewhat relaxed actually color indicator helps to keep a balance between mood swings blue green purple mood ring.
Blue, green, and purple mood ring

blue green purple mood ring

Mood ring purple or what does a purple mean on a mood ring? This color reflects feeling like passionate, hot exited and clarity so purple color is a very good indicator for the person who is in love and wants to know more about the person he likes. This color indicator help a person take the right decisions. There are few more colors which reflects different state of mind or feelings of a person for example color white which reflects that the person is bored, confused and frustrated, red color indicate exiting, energized or ready to go feelings blue green purple mood ring, then there is yellow color mood ring which indicates that the person is daring and adventures person who is feeling Goosebumps or butterfly in his stomach before doing a adventurous or daring things mostly stuntman goes under this feeling. Mood ring with different color is a very good thing which helps to others and the person who is wearing them to keep an eye on the mood swing.