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Mood earrings have mystical characteristics; reason being it changes color with change in the body temperature. The mood earrings are filled with liquid crystal and possess thermochromic properties. The change in body temperature relates to the state of mind of an individual wearing. This piece of jewelry is an exclusive combination of metals and stones. The metal gives it endurance, durability and style whereas the stone brings in life to the whole complex. The entropy liquid crystal exhibit is because of the sensitivity of the chemical filled inside the hollow quart stone or a glass shell. Various organic colors like red, blue, orange, yellow, white, black, purple and others get reflected due to the refraction of light wavelengths falling onto the stone. Each color has its own characteristic trait depending on how an individual feels.

Mood EarringsWhen selecting mood earrings one would have to go through a load of designer options making it a difficult decision to be made. They have their own style machine cut and also handmade available. These mood earrings are a perfect choice for all occasion, festivals, engagements or general gift and it goes along with ones outfit. These mood earrings make a very bold yet subtle statement and goes along any given outfit traditional, ethnic, casual & formals.

For women they are very trendy, colorful and stylish; the change of color then renders a very personal and symbolic touch. Each color represents a characteristic trait which might make sense to individuals feeling or emotion; even without the legend of color they are quite an appealing piece of collection. This is what makes these mood earrings an attractive offer to the lady’s collection. These earrings are about being elegant, sophisticated and attractive yet simple and minimalistic design to appeal the impulsive side of a woman.

Mood EarringsUnderstanding a woman is quite a difficult task; but mood rings could capitalize of the mood swings through which a woman goes. Like women like these thermo chromic crystals is a difficult task to interpret. The body modification by piercing is in general way to attract ones attention. Initial records show that piercing was performed to mark the salves and to mark the sailor who has crossed the equator. Now a day’s piercing has gone to appeal the masses and means different thing for different people. This tradition of getting ear pierced is quite an ancient affair and the tradition still continues.