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Antique Masonic Rings

Antique Masonic Rings

What are antique masonic rings These are worn by free masons. A mason is a person of virtues and good deeds, a person who is a follower or believer of a secret society. A masonic as a design of a square and a compass, and there is also a star embedded between the compasses. A masonic ring is worn on the right hand.

antique masonic rings was discovered

A mason is known to protect his community, he is a preacher, a follower and also a protector of a secret society in which he believes. A person, who is not a mason, is not allowed to wear this ring. These are generally found in the fingers of many people, ranging from visionaries to celebrities. Nowadays wearing a masonic ring has just become a fashion more than a tradition. It is also a secret that how the antique masonic rings was discovered and when the tradition of wearing it was started.

Antique masonic rings Antique or vintage are those rings which the masons used to wear.Antique masonic rings have a design of a square and a compass on its crest.

Antique masonic rings symbol

Antique masonic rings are the symbol that the bearer is a follower or a believer of a secret society. As there have been different kinds of masons and their lodges, so for each type there have been different kinds of symbol on it. Some of kinds of vintage are shown below.
1.Antique Masonic Ruby Ring with masonic symbol:This ring is a traditional ring that a free mason used to wear, the ring has a crest made up of ruby and has a masonic symbol engraved on antique masonic ruby rings.
2.Vintage Antique Masonic Sapphire Inlay Ring:It is a vintage antique ring with a background crest made of sapphire with the symbol engraved above it.
3.1950 Vintage Enameled Masonic Ring:This ring is quite simple in design, and it is made up of white gold, with masonic symbol on it.
Antique Masonic Rings
4.Shrine Masonic Ring Shriners Antique style:These were generally worn by the priests, bishops and popes. They were the most powerful people of their community Antique Masonic Rings. The ring has word “shrine” imprinted on it and also a blazing star engraved in the middle. 5.Antique Masonic Turquoise Inlaid Ring:This ring has a background crest made up of turquoise and has a masonic symbol imprinted on it. 6A Trafford Park Masonic Lodge Solid Silver Masonic Ring:The design of this ring is very simple. It is made up of solid silver with the masonic symbol engraved on it Antique Masonic Rings.
7.32 Degree Masonic Diamond Ring:The bearer of this ring is considered to have achieved the highest degree of the masons, that is 32. As this ring has got the highest rank, it is made up of diamond and antique masonic rings has also got its symbol.
8.Antique Solid Silver Templar Filigree Ring:This ring was generally worn by the knights to protect their religion. It is made up of solid silverand has knights symbol engraved on it. There are many more available. One can choose their type masonic ring easily. Antique masonic rings are the symbol of virtue and gratitude. They symbolize the bearer’s trust towards their community and religion.