Exact Mood Ring Color And Its Meanings

Things You Need To Know About Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver RingsSterling Silver Rings

From extravagant rings to elegant wedding bands, sterling silver rings look stunning and complement every kind of attire. Since the shiny metal is durable and soft, it can be molded into various designs. Owing to the incredible value and neutral nature, such jewelry pieces are perfect when men and women need to augment fashion accessories. So, here’s everything you are supposed to know about these sterling silver jewelry rings.


Sterling silver comprises 7.5 percent metal alloy along with 92.5 percent of pure silver. When jewelers are trying to be creative in designing such rings, copper is the most commonly used metal alloy. Even though such rings are decorated, the expert doesn’t have a tough time in molding the metal due to the presence of pure silver.


Popularly kno...

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Things Nobody States About Purchasing A Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

Many people don’t understand the feelings and emotions an individual goes through while he is selecting a ring. It actually happens with everyone, when someone doesn’t tell those secrets revolving around the ring. Even though you need to observe the ring carefully, here are some hints that would certainly help you.

Listen intently to your soul mate

Once you are on the romantic date, conversations about jewelry pieces can be quite interesting. In case if you don’t gather information, then you might have to spare some time in going through different rings together. This doesn’t imply that you should take your mate to the jewelry shop, pick something beautiful, swipe the debit card and propose her at that instance...

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Ways of Changing The Color Of A Mood Ring

silver mood ring

Many individuals purchase a ring just to show off style. They completely understand that the crystal of the ring changes color as the moods shift. While some colors can signify happiness, others might show that the person is anxious about something. Well, the color change occurs since the ring is made up of tiny liquid crystals that turn the color depending on the temperature. Since the person gets excited, the body temperature starts increasing and this changes the color accordingly.

  • Initially, you should place the ring on your palm and start rubbing an ice cube over it. After a few minutes, the ring starts appearing dark black. This is because the temperature has now changed drastically and this causes the crystals to react with each other...
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Engagement Ring Trends You Can Perceive In 2018

If you are one among contemporary women and wish to flaunt a unique engagement ring, then you could go through plenty of options. Right from colorful stones to vintage-inspired designs, we have learned about what is popular in jewelry. So, to make shopping easy, you could go through the most popular engagement ring trends.

Rose Gold

There are many reasons why rose gold rings are gaining popularity. While the pink shade is suitable for all skin tones, the ring is studded with small jewels across the circumference.

Colorful Diamonds

If you are looking for something that’s not traditional, then colorful diamonds should be your choice. Rings with yellow and pink colored diamonds actually look beautiful and shimmer even when you are in a crowd. Try a mood stone ring if you wish to show off s...

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engagement rings for women

Every year, a woman looks for style and trend. So, as you prepare yourself for 2018, minimalist styles with the focus on the natural gemstone prevail to be the talk of the town. Whether it’s oval, round or cushion, the simple settings actually look stunning along with the color. Still searching for the perfect engagement ring? Then here’s what would be popular season after season.

Simple Solitaries

When you consider the engagement ring for your adorable darling, then minimalist designs would certainly one among the favorite trinkets. There’s nothing that can beat the timeless design in which the natural stone is beautifully set with platinum or gold bands. For that extra sparkle, bands studded with small diamonds would really look magnificent for that special day.


While a roun...

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Everything You Should Know About Mood Rings

Mood Ring Color

Regardless of the occasion, mood rings actually double the excitement and have fascinated people since many years. Since such type of jewelry pieces respond to the change in the body temperature, it’s believed that these rings give a clue about the individual’s state of mind. So, if you’re wondering on how the rings change color, then you should scroll ahead.

How do mood rings work

Liquid crystals certainly play an important role in changing color shades. As they get exposed to heat, the crystals would start shimmering with different shades. Different wavelengths are associated with light and every wavelength is perceived as a different color. Ahead, the position actually decides which wavelengths have been absorbed and reflected back...

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Rules You Should Follow For Engagement Rings

Cheap Engagement RingsWhen your engagement is round the corner, then you should express love with a beautiful ring. So, here are some things you ought to know before you start shopping.

Consider the shape

Even before you check out for color, cut, carat and clarity, you must source an appropriate shape your loved one loves most. In contrast to the cut, shape indicates the geometry of the gemstone. In fact, it’s much different than different facets of the stone.

Check for the setting

A perfect setting can only be observed when the stone in mounted in the metallic framework. This determines not only the style but also the tone of the ring. In a bezel setting, a round engagement ring stone reflects a modern yet fresh look. But, for a traditional look, an oval natural stone looks great in the four-prong setting...

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Everything You Should Know About Masonic Rings

Masonic RingsIf you’re planning to buy a masonic ring, then it implies that you are a member of Freemason. This refers to a group that was formed on 24th June 1717. It was at that point of time four London lodges gathered together to set up the Grand Lodge of England. On the other hand, some claim that masons hailed from ancient Egypt. Certain etiquettes are sought when someone is wearing a ring of a mason. So, here’s the true meaning of the ring, and the rules for wearing them.

Meaning of masonic rings

A masonic ring is based on numerous concepts of the freemasonic. The circular zone epitomizes the ‘eternity of the circle’. Such nature represents the relationship of the mason. In the similar fashion, wedding rings enhance the bond between two individuals...

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Different Types Of Bracelets Women Love Wearing

Women Bracelets

When you’re getting ready for a social event, bracelets always make you the center of attraction. While queens and eminent women have considered the trinket more than a fashion accessory, today, ladies still continue following the tradition.

Bangle Bracelets
Owing to its versatility and price, bangle bracelets have become popular nowadays. Women mix and match the jewelry piece as these can easily be slipped over the wrist. These are now worn by individuals of all age groups. They could either be celebrities, youngsters or college girls. The rigid rings boast style and signature of their own.

Charm Bracelets

Popular among little girls, charm bracelets are crafted from gold, stainless steel or sterling silver...

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How To Buy A Wedding Ring When You Are On A Budget

weddig ringOver the years, it’s quite evident that wedding rings cost a lot of dollars. But, if you’re on a budget, then you should surely scroll down.

Never worry if you can’t extend your budget as you shop wedding rings for women. However, you can opt for halo settings just to create the impression that you have chosen something expensive and loaded with additional carats. Unlike everyday solitaire, the vintage look would make the stone appear large in size. Moving ahead, you can also transform the overall appearance and of course the beauty on your ring finger.

Always go for minimal prong settings. Do consider this tip seriously because less metal means that you can procure the ring at a lower price...

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